A missed threesum  

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2/7/2006 10:14 am

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A missed threesum

I went to a bar I like thats fairly close by. For a Friday it was unbelievably slow. I stopped at the bar to get my first drink and had my pick of any table I might want to sit at. I sat down close to the pool tables since thats why I was there anyway and watched some others play, to see what kind of players they are. One table was empty and the middle table had a few young guys that had no idea what the long stick was for but they were having fun at it anyway.

The third table had a couple there playing for fun as well but had an idea how to play the game. After drinking about half my beer I decided to ask them if I could play with them. Both of them were in there mid to late 40's and seemed nice people. She offered to play me first and we had a nice game, it was fun. Next he played and this round was far more challenging and still quite fun. Me and him played a few more rounds trading off wins as it would seem. Another woman showed up and started talking to the first and they seem to be having nice conversation but when the game I was playing was over she wanted to play again. I managed to beat myself on that game sinking the cue ball on the eight, but instead of her playing on she suggested playing the other woman. I agreed and racked the balls. The guy there came to me and said he had a good time but had to go because he had to get up early. I thought that, that was the end of that and now I'm stuck playing the drunk woman. While playing the game I noticed the first woman was still there and I told her I thought she and the guy were a couple. She smiled reached her arms around my neck and whispered, no he's not what I came here for.

After that game was over I decided that was enough of playing pool and went back to my table where I was joined by the two ladies. We sat there a few min and exchanged some small talk. We notice the jukebox was not playing so I feed the machine some money and let the ladies decide what they wanted to listen to. The first woman sat very near my knees and kind of motioned with the music and was talking somewhat suggestively while the second woman sat very close to my right and was saying something but she was too hard to understand. They made their intentions clear enough when they suggested they may need a ride home. I had to sit there through all that knowing there was nothing I could do. The second woman got the hint first and left somewhat frustrated. The second stayed there till closing and then realized we were not going to do anything.

Now I'm stuck wondering if these ladies would have been any fun.

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