It's an image thing...  

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10/9/2005 9:12 am

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It's an image thing...

Last Tuesday in the quiet, deserted research section of our large, local library, I was looking up some history of my ancestors when a petite blond in a short skirt (obviously a college student) came down the aisle and smiled sweetly. Thinking nothing of it I continued my research. Suddenly I felt someone looking at me, but a quick glance around revealed no one in the area that I could see. But when I looked back towards the book shelve, I saw the sexiest pair of blue eyes staring at me through the books from the next aisle over. Sensing a connection I wandered down the aisle she was in and gently brushed her round, firm ass as I passed by. "Are you an indian?", I heard her ask in a soft, quivering voice. Stopping and facing her, "Yes, I am", I replied. Smiling seductively, she says, "I've always been interested in Native a young girl I used to fantasize about being captured by wild indians." Stepping very close to her, I ask, "Really?". "Yes", she whispers in a now frightened, trembling voice. Taking her by the hand I lead her to a far secluded corner with a study table and say, "Here's what would have happened, young lady". Grabbing her by the hair, I press my mouth down hard against hers, forcing my tongue between her soft lips. A moan escapes her throat as my hand pulls up the front of her skirt and roughly caresses her through her already damp panties. Freeing my rapidly thickening cock, I force her to her knees in front of me where she eagerly engulfs me. Gripping her by her golden blond curls with both hands, I thrust deeply in and out of her mouth, fucking her...using her. Still holding her by the hair, I lead her to the table and bend her over it. I pull and hold both of her hands behind her back and roughly raise her skirt. I caress her pussy with my free hand and she gasps when I bunch her panties at the crotch and rip them off. She is totally helpless and under my command. I push two thick fingers deep into her wetness, caressing her, teasing her..."Please", she whispers. My cock is thick, tense, eager with desire. I ram it in to her...again and again as she lies helpless over the table. She whispers a weak "no" when I pull my pussy soaked cock from her slit and press the thick head against the pink rosebud of her ass. Without hesitation I thrust long and deep, and i pound her, over and over, while whe moans helplessly under me. Unable to control my own excitement and desire, I cum deep in her cock throbbing and convulsing until it begins to soften. I slip from her tiny, aching hole and put myself away. But before I walk away, leaving her still prone and gasping over the table, I lean over her and whisper in her ear, "And now you know..."

dancewithme29 47F

10/9/2005 12:11 pm

oh wow...wish that was me...

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