4th installment to a lil of ME behind the C~  

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5/13/2006 11:57 am

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4th installment to a lil of ME behind the C~

Ok...you all are just gluttons for punishment so I am going to continue my little known facts list...I am sure you have been holding your breath anxiously awaiting my next installment...well blogland you may now breath easy knowing I am BACK to dish out some more...!!!

46. I am a sucker for sad movies and will cry every time!!!

47. Rain and thunder storms make me sexually aroused lol...TMI I know.

48. I am a freak magnet...sad but true.

49. I really don't like people looking at my feet...not sure why but it makes me feel all shy...LOL (and I wonder why I am a freak magnet)

50. My favority flower is a yellow rose.

51. If I could be any superhero I would be KarmaSutra Girl (giggling)...they just won't let her into the League of Super Heros dammit! They are all just jealous.

52. I think you should always have dessert first...just sayin'

53. I can wiggle my nose just like a bunny rabbit...yeah that is a talent that is always in demand...(smirk)

54. I am Irish...have blue eyes and red hair...what a combination

55. I love vampire movies...the good the bad and the awful LOL

56. I have 2 dogs and I think they are lesbians as they take turns humping the hell outta each other (it is so funny)

57. I am a leo...so look out!

58. I am adopted and I have known since I was about 7...

59. I love monkeys and I collect them.

60. The tie in the picture is not mine!

So tune in next week for another episode...



jdocfunguy 51M

5/13/2006 3:44 pm

Don't you wish it rained all of the time. Now about this freak magnet label. If you're the magnet, what are we?

PS....Leo's Rule!!!

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