clifhanger696969 60M
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6/22/2006 3:04 pm

So, after yesterday, i did believe that my nuts were going to explode in a huge display of melting manhood.
But sometimes you have to say, WHAT THE FUCK.
at times like this a good walk along the river is in order and a large bottle of water to keep you moist from a even larger joint, ohhhhh YES the cure all of a generation to the rescue is at hand. I f you do not believe me, you must revisit your past, if its not included in your past a visit Amsterdam is in order asap!!!!!!!!!
Nothing better than loosing yourself in a haze of paranoid self loathing gonzo mind rushes.
there is nothing better the mighty weed, i mean sex is more intense, jokes are funnier and wherein the world can you get so large a amount of cotton mouth so fast

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