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4/27/2006 4:36 pm

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They say not to focus on the details, to look at the Big Picture, whatever that is. I don't know about that. All I can think about right now is detail.

Three inches from my nose is a nipple. Around it is a light brown areola. That's all I can see - it fills my world. I nudge my nose against the tip, then start making circles around and around. The texture changes, the skin tightens and the nipple stiffens slightly.

I move, and now the nipple presses against my lips. I kiss it, then open and suck it into my mouth, adding pressure. It grazes lightly between my teeth, then I bite down, nipping gently, then harder at the tender nub. This gets some reaction from Outside. I hear a hiss of indrawn breath and feel more titflesh press against my lips.

I grin in satisfaction, then turn my attention back to this delicious morsel, the tip of my tongue pokes at the tip, then reaches out to swirl around. I flatten my tongue and make swipes across and around, laving the area, then I pull back and blow, raising goosebumps on the tight erect flesh.

This detail seems taken care of. I draw back and notice a drop of sweat on the sloping breast tracing a path down into a fragrant valley. My tongue snakes out to follow the trail, then the salty, slightly perfumed drop is lapped up. I press on, blazing a trail with tongue and kisses. So many more details to attend to...

I know there is more than this, that the details are all part of a Woman, with smiling eyes, a devilish personality and exciting ideas about sex and cholcolate. I really should be looking at the big picture, but the details are just too much fun!

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