First posting, today's fantasy  

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2/3/2006 10:27 am

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First posting, today's fantasy

Since this is my forst posting, I thought I'd give you a little background about me. I consider myself heterosexual. But since I met this friend several years ago, she introduced me to this fantasy that I would love to explore.

I find that I am only attracted to women. I have bever looked at a man and found him sexually appealing. However women are a different story. I'll change my route just to pass a woman who I think is hot.

Now that is my background. Here is my fantasy.

I'll call the guy Kenneth. I agree to meet him in this hotel that I'm staying in on a business trip. Kenneth is about 6 ft and 195 lbs. He is athletic and has strong arms, but doesn't give me the impression of being gay. He looks an acts like any other guy.

We head up to my room. I lock the door and we walk in to the main room. He's wearing slacks and a button down shirt. After we get situated, he walks over to me to get a good look at me. Next he walks to his briefcase and pulls out his camera and tripod. I take a seat while he readjusts the lighting in the room.

Kenneth has one of those voices that seems intended to lead people. Strong and commanding. When he wants you to do something, you feel as though you have no choice but to do it.

Kenneth finishs with the lights. Now he walks over to me. First he tells me to remove my shoes and socks. I comply. Now he uses his hands to explore my body. First he at my chest and arms. Then he moves his hands downs my back to my butt. He squeezes it and comments on it's firmness. Next he reaches around and checks out my erection through my pants. "nice. I see you are ready" he says.

He takes a few pictures of me still clothes. He has me pose in a few different ways that seem to accentuate different parts of me.

Now he gets down to business. He unbuttons me shirt and removes it, tossing it into a bag in the corner. Next he unbuckles my belt, removes it and sets it aside. "We may need this later" he comments. Next he unbuttons my jeans and pulls them to the floor. He puts the jeans safely in the bag with the shirt. All that is left is my underwear. He steps back to look, then takes a few more pictures.

"Now is the time to remove all of your bodies defenses from my eyes". He takes a seat and commands me to remove my underwear. Nervously I obey. As they drop to the floor, he tells me to pick them up and give them to him. He puts them in the bag. He puts the bag away and locks it into the closet. I will not get my clothes back until his is finished with me.

I stand before him naked. He looks me over from all sides. Now he has me pose for more pictures. He has me lie on the bed spread eagle while he takes more pics of my back then front. As I lay there, he moves in for close shots of my erections. Next he has me spread my legs and pull my knees to my chest. He moves to the end of the bed and takes a few closeups between my legs.

He has me stand up. He puts the camera on the tripod. He makes another examination of my body with his hands, paying particular attention to the area between my testicle and my butthole.

Now he moves me over to a table. He bends me over the table, putting a pillow under my stomch so that my butt sticks up a little higher. He tells me not to look back, as he will be busy. As I lay there, I see the flashes of the camera from behind as he takes another series of photos of my most private areas.

After a minute, he photos stop. I feel his hands on my butt cheeks. He spreading them apart. Next I feel something wet between them going up and down from my testicles to my butt. The sensation is overwhelming. It's his tongue. Now I feel him working my butthole. Round and round and probing. My hands hand a quaking in extacy. Next a feel a cool liquid in my butt. Then he takes his finger and pushes it into me and out, spreading the liquid inside me.

Next he removes his finger. I hear the clinking of a belt being unbuckled, then the sound of a zipper. I feel on of his hands grab my waist. Next I feel a pressure on my butt. I start to feel the pain of having my virgin butt being entered. He now has both hands on my hips and is pushing himself inside me. I feel my body being invaded by his penis. After what seemed like and eternity, he managed to fulling insert himself into my asshole. I moan in pain as he starts pulling out, then in, then out. Over and over he thrusted, fucking my butt more and more viciously. His thrust were so intense I thought he would lift my feet off the ground. Soon he starts to grunt and breath heavy and push so deep inside me that I thought he'd never come out. As he comes deep inside me, I can feel it spread out inside me. He lets out a deep sigh then pulls himself out of me. He tells me to lie still. I hear him pull his pants back up. Next he takes more photos of my severaly violated anus.

Kenneth heads to the bathroom. After a few minutes he come out. He tells me to stand up but not to let his cum leak out. He has changed into a swimsuit. He instructs me to go into the bathroom. He has started a bath. He tells me to get in the bath. He climbs in behind me and proceeds to wash my sweaty body. After he is done, he instructs me to lay in the tub while he takes more pictures.

I then get out of the tub and he dries me off. I am beginning to think that he is done with me, having examined and photographed my whole body, then using me for his pleasure. My anus is still recovering from the severe treatment it was given by him.

But he hasn't returned my clothing to me. He tells me to lay naked on the bed while he goes back into the bathroom. He comes out a few minutes later having put his clothes on. Now he tells me to lie on the edge of the bed, leaning over the bed. He examines my but and noticed that I had let some of his cum slip out. He says "That's no good. We need to fix this". As I lie there with my butt once again hanging out, he picks up my belt and proceeds to whip my butt with it. Pain shoots through my body as the leather comes down on my naked butt cheeks. He does this for about 2 minutes, then stops. He says my butt is very red, and this pleases him. He instructs me to get on my back, then he takes his hand and grabs my balls, gently but firmly. Next he strokes my penis until I feel as though I am about to cum. Then he stops. He instructs me to get on my knees. As he walks to the front, he unzips his pants and pulls out his penis. Next he pulls my mouth open with his hands and puts his penis in my mouth. He grabs ny head and starts thrusting into my mouth. After a few minutes of this he has me lie on my back on the bed with my head hanging over the edge. He comes up and puts his cock back in my mouth and starts thrusting again. All I can see is his balls bouncing before my nose as he fucks my mouth. I feel him working with my cock while he thrusts, sucking and stroking. As he builds up to climax, he shoots a load deep in my mouth. He holds my mouth shut as he drips the last of it in my throat. To keep my from spitting it out, He pinches my nose and holds my mouth shut until I swallow it all. Then he grabs my cock, slaps it a few time, then sucks it until I shoot cum all over myself. As I lay there a quivering mess, he gets up, pulls his pants back up, throws my bag of clothes at me, then leaves with his camera, taking one last picture of my eaxhausted naked body lying in a pile on the bed.

The next day I receive and email from him with a web site. I go to it and find all the pictures of me that he took. He says that it is a public web site that is frequented my many horney voyeristic people. He has thoughtfully cropped my face out of all the pictures, but nothing else. There I am on that website being stripped, spread and fucked. Wow!

rm_yesido2004 59M

10/10/2006 8:25 am

not thats hot

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