Predicting the News - Watch For This:  

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2/17/2006 4:11 pm

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Predicting the News - Watch For This:

As we all know, vice president Dick Cheney was involved in a hunting accident. He says it was an accident. The local papers said it was an accident. The police said it was an accident. Even Mr. Whittington said it was an accident. But the political hacks and the major media keep trying to insinuate either gross carelessness or something else. Some have even hinted at yet another pointless investigation at taxpayer expense.

Apparently what happened was that Mr. Whittington moved into the line of fire without warning. This is akin to crossing a street without looking for approaching traffic. The fault was his. It was a matter of not paying attention, and not by Dick Cheney.

I predict in the end, when even the best efforts of his political opposition have failed, the political and media spin will focus on - GUN CONTROL! The point will be made that Cheney, as a leading supporter of second amendment firearm rights, is the best example of why we need gun control. It will be said that he almost killed a man, and that proves firearms are not suitable "toys" for anyone, that owning firearms should be limited to a special few in our society, and that they are too dangerous for the common man. It will be posed as a public safety issue.

Thanks to Bill Brady, I can't buy a hunting rifle. Yet people that use guns for crime still get them. They either get stolen guns or they have no record and so are not caught by the Brady Bill. Still, the nut cases want to keep anyone from legally buying or owning a firearm. They have an aversion to weapons and so want us all to forego gun ownership. Imagine if this was extended to other things. Many are allergic to bee stings, so miles of red tape and government regulation would be required to keep bees. Some find chocolates and/or nuts highly toxic, so let's abolish those things for public consumption. Not logical, you say? Of course not. But when it's guns we are talking about, logic seems to fly away on the west wind.

You can look for this. I am 99% sure it will be mentioned before this is over.

clameatingdog 67M

2/19/2006 4:16 pm

Yes it does, SoyKOFLA. It is federal law and all states must comply with it.

Thanks for stopping and posting your comment here.

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