Lessons Learned  

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9/29/2005 1:26 pm

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Lessons Learned

I had my meeting on September 3rd with my Internet lady. All went pretty well. But on the 8th I had an e-mail telling me there was not enough chemistry to go further, and it was over.

Please, don't post any "poor Clam" crap. Thanks, but really, it's fine. We are on friendly terms and I assume we still respect each other. It was just all there was for us. This is what happens in most relationships. She's still a special lady. But there are lessons here that it seems too many people miss, especially on AdultFriendFinder. So -

#1 - There are seldom guarantees.
There are so many things to know about another person you have to take it one step at a time. First impressions are sometimes right, but they are ALWAYS incomplete.

#2 - Long-term compatibility takes time.
After you get accustomed to the first qualities that attracted you, the others will kick in. Long term requires overall satisfaction with the whole package. And no one's perfect - even you.

#3 - Long distance relationships seldom last.
This is just a fact. It doesn't make them bad, just realize there are problems and limitations.

#4 - Enjoy it for what it is.
Am I disappointed things didn't work out? Sure I am. But I got to know and meet a wonderful charming woman with a musical laugh and an appreciation for life. I have been close to two women on this site and have gained and grown from both. Why would I be depressed about getting to know exciting and wonderful people?

5th and last - Yes, men can meet women and vice-versa here.
Even if you are broke. If you aren't a model or bodybuilder. If you have moral standards. Yes, even if you are a standard member.

I suppose some will say I'm "preaching". No, bit maybe I'm trying to address some of the whining. I have griped too, but you have to just be yourself, and for god's sake get involved with something so others can get to know you. It works. The world isn't perfect and life is not fair, but it CAN be fun.


TechSteve 50M

10/1/2005 7:45 pm

I have no way to e mail you.

I read that "badger" posting in your group. I saw that you used the word 'TECH'. I dont know what you or others are thinking. Dont put me in the same group as that poster. If you check the history of badger, you will realize that it is CHUCK, the guy on this site who must have a hundred handles.

He is right when it comes to the use of the C word.

I dont know too many ladies who like that word. When I talk to ladies, I would never dare use the word cunt to describe their private parts.

Can you defend the use of that word in your group intro ?

clameatingdog 67M

10/6/2005 3:42 pm

Bama, that was incredibly sweet. But then, in my group as everywhere, you have always shown yourself to be a high quality person.

And Steve, I may consider defining the term in a post as well as explaining my stand on respecting women. Thank you for a polite post. All communications are read and considered by me whether I comment or not. And thanks for this unusual but informative ID. I was wondering, since he is one of the few I have ever been just over the top grossly rabid in excoriating, scalding, and shredding alive in a post. In his case, I stll don't apologize, though I will publickly here to you. I thought it was you. LOL. I should have known better. You have the balls to go head to head. Once again - though this was a weird place for this exchange - thanks.

Steve - (Clam)

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