i wanna fuck you so bad  

ckrs2no 41M/41F
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2/8/2006 5:18 am

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3/13/2006 8:12 pm

i wanna fuck you so bad

when the cock crows it's to late
when the twig snaps in the early pre dawn haze
when the silence is deafening
the blinding darkness and the faded hollow
of a flashlights shine
please be careful around every corner
there may be a newer better thing or
the great disaster just stick by me
never falter never fail
this is a grand experiment
shock and awe, shockin' ya'll.
drapes, frocks, knees legs ankles and all
bent you over, twist you around
deep and slow, shallow and around
hands on knees, hands on things
smacking your ass, looking in your eyes
spitting on your twat, you look spent
i need rest yet drive hell bent
i wont cum til you squeeze me tight
lips of passion squeeze with your might
a puddle of cum and i havent ejaculated
the mattress is soaked the dog frustrated
kick her off while i do my thing
learning not to get in between
you and me, we were two
now do the math there is me and you
is it one or is it two
am i who i once was
and neither are you
the devil had me firm in his grasp
so i made a deal and tricked the asp
what the lord my shepard and my guide
when i strayed and play was my guide
a puppy indeed chewing it all up
party til you puke, let em else clean up
fuck me because it feels good
fuck me to make me feel better about myself
fuck me because you want me to make you happy
fuck me not just to make me happy
fuck me to make it feel allright
fuck me because you know i want you
cum for me girl, cum til you are full
make my cock cough for you

Plano69 55M

2/10/2006 7:39 am

seems I heard it once before
one dark and only night
highway 71 just for fun
brought my sex pistol
to shoot her between the eyes
the thighs her passion cries
and make a deposit
while I rob her banks
that's the thanks I get
all wet and a deposit
till life gets hard once more...
she knows where I've been
in and out and in and inner
I hope it never ends
but you hop on pop and then we stop
till we start it all again

ckrs2no 41M/41F

2/11/2006 1:04 am

draw you in cast my line
sparring a strapling
make me new make me begin
again rookie till im tried
roped and tied gutted fried

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