The 7 Dwarfs  

citric_fun_dude 25M
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6/24/2006 1:20 am

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The 7 Dwarfs

The seven dwarfs go to the Vatican, and because they are THE seven dwarfs, they are ushered in to see the Pope. Dopey leads the pack.
"Dopey, my son," says the Pope, "What can I do for you?"
Dopey asks, "Excuse me, your Excellency, but are there any dwarf nuns in Rome?"
The Pope wrinkles his brow at the odd question, thinks for a moment and answers, "No, Dopey, there are no dwarf nuns in Rome."
In the background, a few of the dwarfs start giggling. Dopey turns around and gives them a glare, silencing them.
Dopey turns back, "Your Worship, are there any dwarf nuns in all of Europe?"
The Pope, puzzled now, again thinks for a moment and then answers, "No,Dopey, there are no dwarf nuns in Europe."
This time, all of the other dwarfs burst into laughter. Once again, Dopey turns around and silences them with an angry glare.
Dopey turns back and says,"Mr. Pope! Are there ANY dwarf nuns anywhere in the world? "I`m sorry, my son, there are no dwarf nuns anywhere in the world."
The other dwarfs collapse into a heap, rolling and laughing, pouncing the floor,tears rolling down their cheeks as they begin chanting...........

"Dopey screwed a penguin! Dopey screwed a penguin!"

cupidsmistress 38F
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6/24/2006 1:58 am

LOL OMG LMAO That was great.

citric_fun_dude 25M

6/24/2006 2:25 am

Thanks for your comments!

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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6/26/2006 2:35 pm

You are soooooooo bad!

Purry {=}


citric_fun_dude 25M

6/27/2006 1:19 am

Doesn't it feel good to be bad at times....hehehe

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