citric_fun_dude 25M
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7/3/2006 12:45 am

An American lady on vacation in Scotland is visiting a Scottish castle.

There are these Scottish guards everywhere all decked out in their Scottish uniforms outfitted with the traditional Scottish kilt.

Her curiosity was killing her and she was just not going to make the trip all the way from the USA without asking the proverbial question.

A bit nervous she goes up to one and blurts out, "Excuse me Sir, but is their any truth to the story that you don't wear any underpants under your kilt?"

He answers, "Well, Ma'am, why don't you put your hand up underneath and see for yourself?"

So she does, and screams out, "Oh good heavens, its gruesome!"

The guard replies, "Why don't you try again, Ma'am?"

And she obliges. "Oh, God damn, its gruesome more!"

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