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cinfullyhis 45F
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7/13/2006 12:22 am
My First Message

Hey Everyone!
I haven't done stuff like this before so forgive me. I am 33 and divorced and not looking for a long term relationship. I have been married and had to deal with a very controling man and all that drama. He still thinks he owns me even though he is married and has another child. I don't play games and I have no use for people who do. I say what I want and I like a man that can do that to. For the most part I am very blunt and that is from being hurt and not being able to trust anyone. One day I want that relatiobnship we all dream about but I am afriad to let anyone get close to my children again so I am not looking for that kind of relationship until they are grown and are on thier own.
Ok, now for some silly things about me. I love frogs..... I have a frog tattoo right above my left breast. One of my nicknames is froggie. LOL I do have big breast, guys seem to love them... I say they are heavy. I do have mostly guy friends. I get along better with them. I like cars, building things, fixing houses,working outside (if it's not too hot), drinking beer, making everything perverted, and just hanging out with guys. No, I don't have sex with all of my guy friends.

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