I think I might have found a reason to subscribe here...  

cindi1977 41F
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7/31/2006 5:30 pm

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8/2/2006 12:36 pm

I think I might have found a reason to subscribe here...

Ok, the reality is I can sit here online, without showing any pics and have lots of guys email me. It's a quality vs. quantity challenge but I can't say I don't get offers.

I can check out profiles, but can only see thumbnail pics (a blessing in many cases) lol! I can send 10 emails a day and as many quick replies as I have the energy to create.

I can use IMC and through that watch cams (if the broadcaster doesn't bounce me). And I can blog, which is highly liberating and more than a little entertaining (for me) and hopefully for you too.

So, I can do all of the above free of charge, as a standard member.

The search facility is pretty basic, but to be honest, how many women search and approach guys here? So that's no big loss.

What I would love to do, and it's a premium privelege, is add those cool responses in a blog thread, directly after a post.

The scary thing about being a silver or gold member though (for me) is that my profile would appear higher up in searches. More faceless dick posters! Roll eyes, groan, sigh heavily.

A woman's burden!

ColB74 43M

8/1/2006 12:23 am

If guys are so keen on meeting people on here that they go for a gold or silver membership, why don't they add standard contacts as well??

I can't speak for the blog benefits as I'm new to blogging but I think those that upgrade their membership but don't consider giving others the chance to read their profile for free are only after one or two things: to email as many women with dull one liners as possible and/or to view as many pictures as possible because the are too unintelligent to see past the outer shell.

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