Q&A - LickLover4U2  

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7/15/2005 6:02 pm

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Q&A - LickLover4U2

Thanks to everyone for the responses. I get a nice tingly sensation when I know someone has read what I have written. lol

LickLover4U2 - I can only speak for myself. I used this site about a year ago and met 2 people from it. Here is my experience...

1.) Was a guy who I really connected with. He was really nice online, attractive and seemed to be fun. We chatted alot before we ever actually met. We seemed really compatible. Before meeting I asked him about his likes/dislikes. Then he asked me about mine. I told him I didn't enjoy anal and he said no problem...

Two weeks later, I drive 2 hours to meet him. Sex insues quickly. Things are going fine.. he wants to do it doggie.. so on my knees I go. Next thing I know he keeps teasing my ass with his cock. Teasing is ok.. so I don't say much. Then he tries putting it in. I stop him and say, no ass. The next 15 minutes he continues to try and "sneak" his cock in my ass.

At this point I'm completely turned off. I roll over, he comes quickly and that's that. I ask him what the fuck? and he told me he had just always wanted to do anal. I proceeded to ask him why, because he was already a big enough asshole. lol

2.) Experience. This was with the first guy I had met from here. He came to my place, I cooked for him then things started to heat up. Then he drops his pants. The smallest damn penis I've ever seen. Seriousl, tiny.. 3 MAYBE 4 inches at the most. But it had been awhile, so I decide that some is better than none.

We continue to play and actually enjoy ourselves. Afterwords we start talking a little in our sex-induced haze. Withing five minutes he's talking about how he has no money, a bitch for an ex, and a lousy job. I play it up to just a bad mood and try to aim for the best.

He asks me out again, and this time we go to the movies. I give him a nice rub down in the theatre then we head to my house. At this point he says he can't just keep having sex with me, he needs more than that.

FREAK! 2 Dates and he wants more, especially after I made it very clear there wouldn't be anything more. I didn't want a boyfriend. I don't want someone who assumes my free time is theres. I just want a friend with benefits.

SO that's why I showed him the door and didn't look back.

EvilMuppet69 38M
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7/16/2005 7:33 am

Eww, a friend of mine met a Number 2 (lol). She was only meeting him for sex, but after a while he kept talking about marrying her and taking her to live in New York with him. She ended that one pretty quikly.

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