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1/2/2006 4:14 pm

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Do you ever wonder where your perversions come from? I'm not talking about the weird stuff. Keep your piercing, electro-shock, ball bat wanton selves away from me. lol

I'm just talking about your typical everyday, run-of-the-mill perversions. Your turn ons.. those sneaky little desires you have that really curl your toes.

For me.. it's the little whisper of naughty words in my ear at just the right time, or the super hard twist of a nipple during the heat of the moment or maybe even something as simple as a look. You know the look. The one that says, 'Well we could sit here and stare at one another or we could throw caution to the wind.. strip naked and have our ways with each other.'

Do you ever wonder where those turn-ons come from? I know not every woman would get a kick out of being called a 'dirty little slut', or a 'nasty bitch' during sex. And I'm sure there are plenty of men out there that's realized that sad fact just a few minutes too late. lol

So what makes me like it? Granted it's not an every time event. Sometimes I want the sweet, gentle kind of lovemaking. Then there are times when I want my hair pulled, my ass slapped and by god you better call me a dirty whore.

Maybe it's like all the therapists say and it really is a result of your childhood. I know my parents never cussed and hardly ever raised their voices. Does that mean, because I have sweet, kind parents that I now get a kick of being treated trampy? lol How messed up is that?

Not sure what put this topic in my head, but it's been floating around for a couple of days.

I guess ultimately it doesn't really matter. At least not the why of things. If you enjoy it, your partner enjoys it.. then more power to ya.

So to all you crotch-kicking, bitch slapping, spit spewing freaks out there... have fun. But just make sure you keep the band-aids nearby.


rm_pdit 40M
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1/6/2006 8:41 pm

I just want to get together and fuck you, you "nasty little bitch".

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