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12/23/2005 6:28 pm

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Life is good.

Yes, life is very good. I just had a great night. Man how time flies when you're having fun.

I finally met 'football guy'.

I was still getting ready when I heard the knock on the door. He showed up 15 minutes sooner than I had expected him too. It took me by suprise and my nerves really set in. For some reason I was so nervous when he got here. But he was cool and friendly (not to mention, quite sexy) and I immediately started to feel comfortable.

We started watching a movie and before I knew it things had progressed and I was having sex! Who knew! lol. Apparently it is just like riding a bike.

Isn't it funny how after sex you think of all the things you wished you had done? Or maybe that's just me.. I keep thinking, "I forgot to get my toy out. I meant to tease him longer than I did. I should have done reverse cowgirl. Why didn't we do it on the couch?"

That's probably just my insecurites creeping in. But I'm not going to worry about it. I had a great time. I hope he did as well. My legs are still shakey and I have a huge ass smile on my face.

I had thought he would stay longer but then he pulls out an excuse. I believed him of course, but there are always those little mean voices in my head. I guess time will tell. I definately plan on inviting him over again, I'll just have to wait to see if he accepts.

But no matter what happens, tonight was fun. The sex was great, his tongue was fucking amazing.. I came twice. Whatever happens, happens. It can't take away my memories for today.

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