What to wish for  

christo_67 50M
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3/14/2006 10:51 am
What to wish for

One day an Irishman was walking down the road.
Up ahead he sees a leprechaun sitting on a fence with his back to him.
He can't believe his luck. He sneaks up on the leprechaun, and grabs him.
The leprechaun fights and struggles but can't get away. Finally the leprechaun gives up and the man says, now give me your pot of gold!
The leprechaun says, I can't do that.
Why not! the man says sensing some leprechaun trick.
Because I'm not a pot of gold leprechaun, I'm a three wish leprechaun.
Whats a three wish leprechaun?, the man asks.
I'll grant you any three wishes you ask for, but here's the catch. Whatever you ask for I give double to your worst enemy. Who I happen to know is Patrick O'Rilley.

Now, what do you want for your first wish?
I want a twenty room house.
POOF...Just like that a twenty room house appears, and right next to it a forty room house. With Patrick O'Rilley standing in front smiling and waving, saying gee lad and here I thought ya hated me!

What do want for your second wish?
I want Ten of the most beautiful women to be all over me all the time.
POOF....Ten gorgeous women appear, all trying to get next to him.
POOF....Twenty gorgeous woman appear next to Patrick O'Rilley, all trying to get next to him.
He is smiling from ear to ear saying, lad I'll love ya forever!

What do you want for your third wish?
The man's eyes squint up and he says...
I want my sex drive cut in half.

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