T he winds of change are blowing  

christinbf2 56M
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3/6/2006 8:34 pm
T he winds of change are blowing

Well, i have like 3 more messages from this guy who wants to meet me.
I cannot tell you how long it's been since i have really, really felt like something was going to be so right. Must be because we have met before.

isan't it strange how life is, i mean i never thought at the time i first met him that we would be talking on a different level.

Yeah sure i thought he was a nice guy, but not in that way you know. He was kind, attentive in our brief conversations and i thought to myself, wow what a nice guy. Never ever did i place him and i together in the same frame of mind.

I guess i am sounding a bit silly, but you know it's so true what they say, when your looking you don't always find that special someone...in my case he was right in front of me, but i was looking for someone, something specific....he said he made several passes at me, and i blew him off...not intentionally of course.....

I feel a love story about to unfold, i really do..the likes i have dreamed of for so long, to say i am excited is , well a huge understatement.

Well thanks for letting me share this with you guys, your comments are always repected and welcomed.


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