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ESTJ general
You are a towering presence in the lives of many and are respected - near and far - for your ability to speak your mind without fretting too much about public opinion. Of course, the same people who respect you may also be intimidated because they don’t see your softer side: the part of you that is fiercely loyal to those who deserve it, and that will do anything to support and protect your friends, your family, and your country.

ESTJ when in love

For you, love is a commitment that is taken very seriously. Once you fully commit yourself to a partner, you are determined to stay with that person “till death do you part.” You are also the type of person who likes to take charge of everything in your life, including your relationships. You are probably the one (unless you hook up with an equally strong-willed General or Traditionalist) who plans most of the dates and who eventually ends up running the household once you are married.

ESTJ where to meet

Where can you meet a Traditionalist? Traditionalists can be found at bars, nightclubs, sporting events, sports bars, shooting ranges, car shows, health clubs, and at outdoor activities (and as members of related clubs and organizations) such as hiking, skiing, camping, river rafting, and mountain climbing. To meet hardy, nature-loving Traditionalists, check out groups such as Sierra Singles - a national organization with local chapters for singles who enjoy the outdoors.

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