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6/3/2006 4:15 am

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6/8/2006 11:33 am


Ok, I thought that this month would be better than May, in fact it started great, with laughs at work nice spirit etc...

But Friday was to change all that to the worse

I have a college at work, not in the same department as mine just in the same company. She was dating with someone from inside the company but they broke up last summer. Since then we come close, at least that is what I believe. To make long story short I fell in love with her, and when I mean in love I mean it. I told her about my feelings I told her that I really loved her. I thought, still do, that she is the one. She never told me yes or no. I send her flowers cards we talked at the phone we send sms to each other. She called my "Christako" or "Christo mou" and other staff like that. She never told me stop that is bothering me or I don’t fancy you.

But yesterday she told me that she is know "seeing" another guy. When I heard it I was devastated. Was I wrong so many months? Did I misunderstand her intensions/feelings? I don’t know maybe...

Later I send her a message telling her that I will always love her and that she would be always in my heart no matter what, and that is what I really feel... Her answer was "that she is grateful for anything I have done for her and that life is full of surprises and choises. She believes that I have taken the right ones while she has doubts about hers. She is sure anything will go well for me"

I really can't understand... Ok I may be fool or something else, maybe don't understand women or maybe I don't know what...

The sure is that it is the beginning of the summer and I am totally devastated, I can't stop crying, yes men can cry. I don't know what to do I am thinking of her 24/7, I don't think anything else can go more wrong know...


papyrina 52F
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6/3/2006 5:10 am

aww hugs honey,yep its horrible when ones feelings are not returned and if its your first real love it hurts .
We have all gone through it a few times
Try to keep her as a good friend,friends are so much more important than wives.

Plan to have a busy summer,go out with your male friends,don't dwell on what if etc.
Your not a fool but a sensitive young man who has feelings,things will get better honestly.

I'm a

i'm here to stay

chriss227 40M
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6/3/2006 9:16 am

Papyrina Thx for the kind worlds. I know that time is the best doctor to heal that kind of "injuries"

A little better now but still very very

chriss227 40M
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6/3/2006 1:12 pm

Lips I habe thought that I might misinterped her signals,but others in work thought that I was right... As you very well said I ll propably have to wait a liitle more...

As for the good people think. Sometimes? I thought every time

chriss227 40M
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6/5/2006 12:24 am

amberabercrombie Thank you

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