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6/10/2006 12:27 pm

After chatting with a lady for acouple of days she invites me over to her house for a full body massage. I arrive at her house at the appointed time. She answers the door wearing a silk robe and high heels. After inviting me inside she offers me a drink as i warm up the oils. There is soft music playing in the backround scented candles burning. She leads me into the living room where a towel is laid out on the floor. She slowly removes the silk robe and i stare at her very sexy body naked except for the heels. I lay her down on her stomach and slowly remove her heels. I slowly dribble the warm oil onto her feet and legs. My hands begin to gently massage her feet and toes. She lets out a sigh about how good it feels. My hands slowly move up the back of her legs touching every inch of her skin. my hands move up the back of her thighs again she moans. I feel her legs slowly part as my hands move to her inner thighs. My hands move across her ass gently kneeding her flesh. I slowly dribble more oil on her back as i straddle her upper thighs. I stand up to remove my pants as to not get any oil on them. I straddle her thighs again as i work the oil into her back and shoulders. As i massage her neck i lean down and gently kiss her shoulders and neck, She sighs "oh that feels good". I get off her and gently roll her on her back. I again start at her feet and toes massaging them. As i massage her foot i gently lift it up to my mouth and start to kiss and suck on her toes. She says she loves how it feels. As i am doing this her other foot begins to slowly slide up my thigh under my boxers till i feel her foot on my balls. She takes her oiled up foot and begins to rub it up and down my now hard cock as i suck each of her toes......................Any ideas what happens next? let me know...

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