chocolateme69 31F
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7/14/2006 12:18 pm

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7/27/2006 6:49 pm


I am so fuckin wet right now. I mean it is ridiculous how wet i am

Too bad theres not a guy around to feel how wet i am

He wouldnt like it anyways

I get so wet he's going to slip out more than 4 times

hhhmmmm sooo wwwwwweeeeeettttttttttttt

Randy875 46M

7/27/2006 10:25 am

God, I wish I could've been there to experience your wetness. I guarantee I would love it. But my cock wouldn't come near your pussy at first. I love the taste of a hot wet pussy and I would absolutely have to go down between your legs and lick and suck on your soaked lips...nibble on your clit...slide my tongue deep inside of you. I'd reach up and play with your tits while I tongued you to higher and higher levels of raw pleasure. Only once you were bucking against me...crying out in lustful abandon and your first orgasm of the night would I move up your body and slip my hard cock deep into your pussy. I would push all the way inside of you and then hold still...letting you feel my entire length before I started pumping you...slowly at first, then building in speed and intensity. Our naked bodies would be moving against each other with wild animal abandon, building the heat and pressure for release within both of us. I would feel how close you were to the edge and I would start slamming your pussy so hard and fast, pushing you over the brink, you cumming so hard, milking my cock until the fire in me is completely out of control and I cry out loud as I explode, my whole body in spasms as blast after blast of my hot fluid feels like it's almost ripped from my body. Once I recover...look at you and grin and then you feel my fingers moving back down toward your pussy, ready to start again...

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