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1/21/2006 4:21 pm

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i sat and watched a movie last night that i'd seen bits and pieces of but never the whole thing. well i saw the whole thing last night, the quick jyst of it is this woman that is into cutting herself to deal with stress takes job as a secretary. the man she works for is a bit off-center, if you will and at times can be very degrading towards this woman.

when i first saw the bits and pieces of the movie i thought that most of what was happening was in the woman's imagination but to my surprise they were actual incedences. one of the first times he degraded her she initially took offense but then decided to turn it into a positive and use the criticims (?), the next time he became so irate that he spanked her right there in the office and when he finished you could see from the expression on her face that she enjoyed it. from that point she began to do things on purpose to make him spank her and he wouldn't. the final breaking point for him was when she mailed him a worm and he made her pull her skirt up and her undergarments down and proceeded to jizz all over her back, she promptly went into the ladies room and masturbated.

after all of this happened he decided to fire her and she was truly devastated because she wanted to be treated that way and tried to find other men that were into that. finally she broke him by coming to him and telling him she loved him and he made her sit for 3days palms down and feet flat on the floor. after 3days he came and got her and bathed her and married her and they lived happily ever after as a sadomasochistic (?) couple.

now i'm all for a little bit of teasing and spanking but not too sure i could get into it that deeply. maybe one day i'll tell about a man that would restrain me without physical restraints and then tease me until i begged to be fuqqed.

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1/22/2006 11:07 am

I want to hear it...

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