The first meeting  

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12/22/2005 9:06 pm

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The first meeting

i've posted this story in its entirety on this site before but thought it was too long to put it all here. for those who are wondering, this did happen

Well we’ve had our first meeting and it was wonderful. The sexual tension between us was thick and had we been in a different setting or just bolder in the setting we were in, the things we would have done to each other. Mmm, just the thought of it is steamy.

They way you touched me; the things you said to me let me know that when we do get together it’s going to be major. The light kisses on my forehead, the even more aggressive ones on my lips. As much as I protested your kisses I was so hungry for them.

Your hand roaming up and down my leg, you touched my ass and squeezed, mmmmm,
Then you began rubbing my thighs and moved your hand inside, I wanted to feel your hand on my pussy so bad and then it was. I spread my legs a little bit more to give you better access,

And when you whispered in my ear how good I felt I loved it. You tell me to open wider and I do, you really get to hit the center and I’m so wet it’s almost pouring out and you loved it, you had no idea the affect you had on me.

We compose ourselves a little, we are in a restaurant after all, so we chat a little more, we’ve had several interruptions and they are annoying but not too bad because we are so into each other. Then you begin to rub my thigh again,

The whole time I’m rubbing your cock through your pants and loving the way you feel. Before I know it your hand is on my hotbox again and she’s still dripping wet for you. You rub my clit between your fingers, telling me you want to make me cum. I enjoy it so much I rest my head on your shoulder and close my eyes to just take it all in. You’re talking to me, saying something but I don’t know what you are saying because what you’re doing feels so good to me and then I do cum. I lift my head and thank you but you have no idea why.

We continue to talk, stare and fondle, before long it’s time to pay the bill and get out of there. You walk me to my car and all I want is for you to push me back and kiss my lips and not the ones on my face, mmm. You followed me to my next destination and when you kissed me goodbye, I let you really kiss me. Your lips forceful but gentle and the feel of your tongue, oh my goodness, just thinking about it makes me tingle.

rm_bigcox00 43M

12/23/2005 4:43 am

Hey that a nice story, got me all engrossed and stuff

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