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4/14/2006 2:36 am

At the beginning of last year I ended my relationship with zoe. We'd grown apart and and it just wasnt working anymore. She demanded too much from me and in the end I was losing contact with close friends and family. Work and uni was suffering a lot as well as my social life in general.
So needless to say, when we split up I was a bit of a loner for a while. The temptation to jump head-first into another relatonship was overwhelming, but I felt that if i didnt make a change now then things would only get worse. Thats when I made my resolution for 2005... to not be in any relationship for the whole year.
Like most people, I dont usually stick to my resolutions, but I was determined with this one. To cut a long story short, I managed it... despite it being bloody hard! Why is it that when you DONT want a girl thats when they try harder to get you? Any psychology heads out there PLEASE explain it to me.

Being without a girl and not looking for one gave me time to sort myself out. I re-strengthened my bonds with friends and family (to be even stronger than before i had a girlfriend), I left work and found an even better job where I'm meeting people everyday, and I'm actually enjoying uni and doing pretty well now Oh and by being expecting nothing more than friendship from women, I found a whole new level of respect for them

My only big mistake was letting too many people know about my resolution... When the year was closing to an end there was this building tension witht he women that knew. The seemed to think I'd jump straight into a relationship with any one of them (since i was now close friends with a lot of them). I'm not sure if thats what they wanted, but I've grown to enjoy being single and now I'm a picky little bastard when it comes to considering being with someone.

That year break was probably one of my greatest achievements and its changed me for the better in almost every single way... Only now I'm a raging hornball for having to wait a whole year before getting any...

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