F(r)iction : 3 : One way ticket ; Boarding the Purposeful train  

chocolatcreme 105F
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3/19/2006 11:02 am

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F(r)iction : 3 : One way ticket ; Boarding the Purposeful train

Maggie's stomach was growing and she could feel the little kicks. Felt like electric waves; jolting her lips into smiles frequently.

Peter was nicer to her nowadays but maintained his needs for space. She still felt lost with him. It is nice to have an adventure, but at times, a map in hand, saves times and second guesses at cross roads.

When the baby was born, both were extremely happy. Peter told Maggie that he loved her and thanked her for giving him an angel. She believed his words for the first time after a long long while. How could she doubt him at such a joyous time.

A few days later, Maggie chanced upon his letter to a friend. Annoucing the birth of his kid, his delirious joys and his love to the receiver of the letter.

Maggie wonders, why she believed him again. She realised that words didn't mean a thing when action could not equate.

She found strength in her love for her baby and bought a ticket to hitch a ride on the soul train of purpose. At least, on her own, she knows she would get somewhere sonehow.

MataKhan 107F

3/24/2006 3:44 am

The man they lay their fingers on woman is not a man indeed.They need to prove that they are the STRONG ONE,which is the total opposite.

Seen so many of this so call POWER,thats what all these men call it,but woman inner strenght is more POWERFULL than that physical power.

In a way those men KNOW it but they are guttless creatures which is so scared of getting the slightest pain themselves.

redbaron 46M
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3/20/2006 9:18 pm

Met a fine lady once ... elegant and very well spoken(this is a big+) ... well mannered and also pretty. My very good buddy fell in love with her ... but she was married and had a kid ... this wasn't the problem ... as she was totally 'unloved' ...

Nothing happend ... maybe some sweet flirtations ... She came out one evening with us with a bruised eye which she said was from a fall ... how bazzare ...

That was the last I heard of her ... my buddy was heart broken and we worry for the safety ...

Ladies, if a man lays a finger on you ... it is the end ... YOU MUST MAKE IT THE END. There is no compromise ... I know... I lived thru it all. It will not get better ... only worse. Bail out while you still can bulit a new life for yourselves.

lund0069 48M

3/20/2006 5:37 pm

maggie has to keep the faith. she needs comfort and strong friends. she needs to be a survivor, and she needs to be strong especially for the bundle of her joy. the baby would need her and all f her strength to face the future....good luck and our prayers go out to you maggie

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