Addicted to Used  

chocolatcreme 105F
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1/13/2006 1:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Addicted to Used

Wrap in addiction
Invoke witches benediction
Cheaply thy will has spilled
Whenever addicted to used

Magnolias soothe euphorias
Searing flesh on mints
Seize seizure by hinge
Unapprehended abuse on skins

In our own ways
We eliminate one crave
Only to return and
Ascend another rave


Why do we keep making mistakes?
Perhaps because it is the fastest way to feed an addiction.
Quick fixed.

Understanding and realising we got more than
one course of action, will perhaps prevent spilling of our wills.

rm_Darkon33 49M
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1/22/2006 12:06 am

Ok i am going for my sex transplant now. Once i got my points, i might stayed being a lady.
On 2nd thought, nah, i still prefer to be me and i don't want to learn to nag.

salamii6699 39M
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1/20/2006 8:30 pm

well, writing articles earn points too? hmmmm... well, maybe but how do i earn sassy's email? kekekke

rm_Darkon33 49M
534 posts
1/19/2006 7:02 pm

I have that problem too and i am clueless.

salamii6699 39M
63 posts
1/19/2006 4:29 am

i had already tried clicking on the person's nick or pic. but it kept prompting me to subscribe so that i could email. Dun u have that problem?

chocolatcreme 105F
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1/18/2006 8:21 am

Salamii - Yep life's currency is everything life is.
Click on the person's handled and on the right panel, to and from - just fill up what u want to say in the big square box.

salamii6699 39M
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1/18/2006 4:28 am

life's currency? hmmm... not just in the monetary sense i think. youth and time are considered so called currencies if not commodities.

btw how do i email anyone here? if u care to tell..

chocolatcreme 105F
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1/16/2006 4:11 am

Darkon - Choices unseen when craves wins

Eternal - Most scratch an itch; natural response
Scratch = Inflicting pain on agony; biology's theory
Hurt to stop Discomfort; ironical but true

When one understand the results of quick fixes, and realise result is not desirable, one will stop inflicting the pain on oneself. Such person is still capable of loving themselves. When I don't scratch the mossie bites, skins heals nicer.

Macally - You are right - there is no standard measures of addiction. Servant to Addict or Master of Indulgence - it is up to one's perception. Satisfy a desire or fulfils desire to satisfy - one may nto distinguish anymore.

Salammi - Some indulgence is good because it is tasting different spices of life. Dangerous only if we overspend life's currency on pleasure.

salamii6699 39M
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1/15/2006 10:43 pm

take it easy, give ourselves some slack. it happens. Sometimes its a matter of will vs emotional appeal. by appeal i mean things that make us crave doing.

life in its imperfection make us all mortals. just dun make the mistake that will end all mistake.

whether we are fools or wise - the same fate awaits us all, eventually.

that reminds me that i should appreciate life more myself. Life is ever so taken- for- granted and forever terribly fragile. Think tsunami, earthquakes and other causations engineered by wicked men.

Have a nice day to all!!! all after its the monday.

rm_macally3 39M
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1/15/2006 6:45 am

Wrapped in addiction
Tis a bittersweet pleasure
the joys and heartache it brings
can find no standard measure.

The needs and the wants
Pleasures we all desire
Such a lovely servant
To set ones heart on fire

The cares and the woes
That price tag of addiction
A more severe master
non can bring to fruitation

eternal1969 48M
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1/14/2006 4:59 am

Sometimes I really wonder if even with the knowledge of other options, do we really want to divert from our addiction? A drug addict could choose a variety of treatment to undergo but its in vain unless he has the will and reason to want to. Emotional addictions are far stronger and really until we find our own cure, do we really want to give up the quick fixes?

rm_Darkon33 49M
534 posts
1/14/2006 3:54 am

At times we are spoiled with choices in life. In crisis, make break situation or crunch time, we have more than a choice to choose.
The wise follows the path least use and most times, it is filled with heartbreaks and unpleasantness but at the end of the day, something good emerged as victor. Fools chooses the easy but often treacherous route and in the end, regrets and permanent scars can be the results

At some point of our lives, we could have been fools. But nothing is late and our hands our fate, we are still spoiled by choices to make the right one

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