whats wrong with a brother?  

chocol8dreamz 42M
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8/4/2006 5:03 am
whats wrong with a brother?

Hi Everyone
Hope your all having fun but I got a litle something to say.......
I am surprised at some of the people on this site
mainly speaking about the sisters (black women), I am alarmed that alot of profiles I have viewed that belong to black women don't want to deal with thier own,at least some of the profiles,theyr'e down for all races but just think if all our parents were to choose another race over your father,would you be here????
think about it,I deal with all women but I got to let you know that nothing beats a sister.
Don't judge all us black guys the same as that wanker who had no respect for you,we are not all the same.
I can go on and on but I hope Iv'e made my point to some of you,just be fair and give all a chance,your race don't setermine your behaviour so don't judge and say he's black,he's no good and choose a cousin over a brother.
We've been through so much over the last 4-500 years,do you see my point?
Acting out fantasies is one thing but then how far will you go?
Yes I'm a bit radical so what.I will fuck all races of women but the black woman is QUEEN,end of story,so lets start being monarchs.
Feel free to add comments but this is my opinion and GOD gave me the right of free will.

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