My genuine seal of approval...  

chocol8dreamz 42M
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1/15/2006 6:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My genuine seal of approval...

Here is my little list of clauses so you know not to waste my time.
I am not going to.....
1:send you undressed pics and you have no intention of meeting.
2: perform on web cam for the same reasons as above.
3:send you grovelling mail of what I would like to do to you,so you can feel your ego boosted and not reply.
4:have sex with you so you can sample a blackman.
5:mail you back if your reply is "yes,I'm interested,how interested?
6:mail you back if take too long to reply,I don't care how busy you are.
7:mail back if you have no profile pic(unless you attach pic to mail)
8:continue correspondance if you have no intention of meeting.
9:take you serious if we are not talking about linking or have number exchange when we first meet on here,this way I know how serious you are about getting together..
10 ?????(open for debate)leave blank.

Thank you for reading this,I might seem harsh but you women waste as much time as the men do.
If you have read my profile and you match my preferences then your cool,just abide my rules and I'll adide yours.

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