Poetry - living the life... and doing it NOW  

rm_chilicancan 63M
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3/26/2006 2:47 am

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Poetry - living the life... and doing it NOW

Wonderful evening yesterday...

Realized that I had come across a kindred spirit here by chance. Read her blog and spent long (!) time reading on and on.

Definitely HAD to write her an email as a reaction. It became a long one. Long!

Chance was with me in the evening: She popped up in a chatroom I happened to be in, and we played 'Catch me if you can' for a long time.

Finally, switching to MSN we could talk. AND there I realized that she as well had spent long (!) time reading my email.

As I was printing her answer to my mail from my AdultFriendFinder inbox, she told me that she had copied my mail to 'Word' for reading it more times...

Amazing how the 'Moment' becomes a 'momentum' if seized at the right moment...

A great evening, a great experience...

Carpe Diem!!

A fellow countryman, Piet Hein, a writer/philosopher/inventor who died very old a few years ago wrote this 'grook':

Living in the moment

To live in the moment's a well-worn routine
that most of the world has perfected;
for some, it's the moment that's already been,
for others, - the one that's expected.

Yet no sort of magi can kindle anew
a past that is over forever,
nor summon the future before it is due:
our moment is now - or it's never.

So brief is the moment in which we may live,
and future or past it isn't.
Whoever would know of what life has to give
must gratefully welcome the present.

__Huntress__ 56M/59F

3/26/2006 4:42 am

This one I will copy myself and keep it where I can be reminded, once again, that all we have is today !

Thank you !


woofff 42F

3/26/2006 12:22 pm

Dear C
Your email to me is not so much a or email as it is a missive.Halfway thru' it I realized that I had not thought to look at your profile. The average person on this site - and I imagine in other sites as well-writes such a typical email citing his opinions on a mate, a partner, a companion or simply a reprieve, that the profile is required in order to construct a complete personality of the writer. But you! You talked to me.That was mindblowing in itself, lol. I am delighted to know your end of the experience.


woofff 42F

3/26/2006 10:42 pm

Your english is just fine, C. It is my fault, I ought to've clarified anyway because, I did mean missive as you say, an official document. However,
the word implies authenticity (ie, certified copy means an authentic document).So let me try the first sentence again:

"Your email is cherished for its authenticity. It was authentic because it came spontaneously. I value such sentiments greatly."

The rest of the script is unchanged.

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