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4/7/2005 8:41 pm

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Einie, Meanie, ...

Out of the millions and millions of Ladies here, I have to make some choices don't I?

First, I pretty much eliminate those that are more than 50 miles away. Not always, but mainly. (I have dated a lady that lived a 10 hour drive away.) I MUCH prefer being close enough so that if the desire to see each other strikes, we can drop what we are doing and go to see each other. Then I read the profile. You just can not make any kind of a real decision without the profile. A lot of times the "deal breakers" are there, like "NO MEN", women only, Husband will always be present, or Bi-Men. These are deal killers for me. Then look at the rest of the profile information and check on how it "fits" with me. Very seldom do I see find a profile where I HAVE to send a note to right then and there, but it does happen. If everything still pecks my interest, the profile goes to my Hotlist. I review my Hotlist daily. Some profiles move off and some move on. Then there are the profiles there that I just keep looking at. It is almost as if I am drawn back to them again and again. These are the ones I write to. If they keep drawing me to them, then there is something about that person that makes that person someone I want to meet and know more about. I know I am asking someone to spend their time reading my message to them. I do not want to waste their time when I do not think anything will come of either of our efforts. I just can not be that selfish.

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