Spammers Hall of Fame - No. One of a series  

cheddarguy60 57M
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6/12/2006 10:07 am
Spammers Hall of Fame - No. One of a series

This weekend I ran into several spammers that were up to a new trick: They were using my handle in their reply with a remark like "Cute name" then they went on to how I could e-mail then and we could "get together tonight."

Well, that prompted me to get nostalgic since there are a handful of spammers that I confess, I never deleted from my hot list. The first and my all-time favorite is the photo that went with the name "PleaseFrog." Yup. PleaseFrog. No, she didn't make any comments about wanting to meet a Frenchman.

What did I find attractive about PleaseFrog? Sigh, first, the smile and eyes - looking directly into the camera gets major points. Being in charge, being self confident are turn-ons for me.

I find glasses a MAJOR item of sexiness.

While I'm not primarily a breast man, those shown in this pic were terrific. Not too large, not to small, and ready for fun.

Now, one thing that really frame the pic is the washing machine in the rear, right of the image. From that I can build the scene: You walk in and you immediately detect the scent of Pine Sol, perhaps even a faint Clorox clean smell. You also become aware of that fabric softener that gets people to nominate you for the Nobel Prize in Doing Laundry. I'm talking clean.

It strikes me that PleaseFrog probably laughs a lot in the sack. Just my impression, but I'll bet there is as much laughter as foreplay. And she looks sweet. I'll bet she still has an edge of innocence to the point where she always asks that before you come, to pull out so she can watch the eruption. I'll bet she giggles when it blows, too.


So PleaseFrog is certainly in my Spammer Photo Hall of Fame.

And yes, she's still on my Hotlist, although I know it is never to be!

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