If ya think its a spammer, it probably is ...  

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2/4/2006 12:06 pm

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If ya think its a spammer, it probably is ...

After receiving, oh, 30 straight "Hey hot stuff, I wanna do you tonight but AdultFriendFinder is too cheap to let me reply more than once a week so send me an e-mail at lotsospam where the mail is hot, and I'll be playing hail to he chief on your willie before dinner," one photo captured my heart (well, and other parts as well) .

Well, after joing AdultFriendFinder I made that mistake a time or two. It had been, oh, 2004 when I last did the unthinkable. And who knows, this sweet lady may merely be trying to save her standard member replies for her granny to use.

Like a trout, I was hauled in the boat.

I sent an e-mail and got a reply that was nice (didn't quite match what I sent, but close) and the spamola address wasn't one of the hotbabe3847563849 addresses, but one with a sorta real name so I created a fake hotmail account and fired a note her way.

Tick, tick, tick, and when I finally checked back into Bill Gates' domain, there is was. A reply.

"Here are the photos I promised" (well, she never mentioned photos, just chatting) and there weren't actually any photos. It was had to miss that. But a link. A link to a site that she said was secure (as if AdultFriendFinder isn't?).

Of course, all I needed to do was give a credit card number to verify I was an adult ... and for a small monthly fee I could receive verification that would allow me to ... well, you know he rest.

Sigh. Cyber rommance is so quickly killed.

I deleted old cosmogirl 75869403 from my hot list and squealed on her to the heat. I blotted my tear filled eyes and then went back to my cupid list.

What? Tubesnakemama849596 looks pretty slick and she says "Just leave an e-mail address for a reply." That's innocent enough ...

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