Wow, who'da thought? Freakin' UNI-animous  

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4/21/2006 7:22 pm

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4/29/2006 12:27 am

Wow, who'da thought? Freakin' UNI-animous

I was shocked. I am taken aback. Never in a million years. What are the odds? Miniscule.
After deep introspective thought, searching my innermost core at its deepest level after endless seconds minutes days eons... upon returning from self-imposed exile/penance/apathy... I had a vision: "Go unto the people and enquire the nature of God" As my trembling, sweaty, paws flew hesitantly/gropingly over my crude instrument of translation, I hurriedly transposed the profound/inscrutable/mundane human bundle of fleshy jiggly grey cerebral cortex (personal version* ca. 1961, definitely a pre-beta) into the ingenious encoding of all human vocalization: the phonetic format of which the literate have lived and died by since the immortal words of the earliest prophets and soothsayers and grocery shoppers were first chiseled into stone just this past discretization of a geological moment.
Another vision: "The people have spoken". In a plethora of orgiastic unified simultaneous orgasmic cosmic life's breath, "the people" had spoken. I fell to my knees, in utter joy, in wonderment, in an apoplectic fit of a feral man-beast convulsing with the random patterns of electoshock therapy and the predictable yet comforting Chinese water torture... The people had indeed spoken! Through the vessel of which I am only thy servant, doing only thine bidding, incapable of nary another thought, the mere physical manifestation of endless cycles of mutation, and mistake and death and rebirth and punctuated fits of cataclysmic earth churn, its papery skin rending and tearing to be melted in the magma and molten metal below, mixing in the tornadic magnetic storm pressurized cocktail hell of vaporized ionic liquidus solidus phase states... feeding and waiting and plotting... I humbly present the word of the people the UNANIMOUS word of the people: "the Manifestation of GOD..." UNANIMOUSLY: "depends on my MOOD...!!!!!"

* Personal version: aka per-version

canyaz 50F
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4/25/2006 10:09 am

Another religious discussion has gone the way of selfish preference. Is God Religion? Is Religion God? Do we believe the spoon fed version, we as a collective, have been fed, in a whitewashed fire and brimstone way? We believe in God out of fear. If we don't, will we really burn in Hell? I don't know, no one has ever come back to tell me. I believe in myself. I know what I do impacts others. I try to be generous, not hurtful, accepting of differences. At my most selfish moments, I can see it is a fearful reaction that creates my need to be....Is there a Heaven, I can say to this I have felt great joy , enormous pleasure, an almost euphoric reaction to moments, events, interactions. Is that Heaven? Who knows, I hope so. Is it arrogance that pushes us to believe that this round on the 3rd rock is all there is to our existence? Born, procreate, die? What other point is there. In conclusion to my own rant and ramble, I really have no opinion about my afterlife. What I do here and now matters to the people I share this rock with. I can impact for the better or I can be destructive in action and thought. I choose to live in my own Eden.

There is a difference between a good BJ and a bad BJ.

checkinRound469 56M

4/26/2006 10:20 pm

Good to hear from you, my friend. I was extra-cryptic and euphamistic (read "sarcastic") with my over the top mockery. The point I wasn't trying very hard to make, but meant to make (I got carried away and my original point didn't matter so much, I was having fun playing around with the words, etc...) Back to my point about my point: I set up a survey about who was god, as you probably saw, and I had gotten 1 response. So I called that "unanimous" and I thought it was funny because it seemed to me at the time it was the lamest(?) response. So I took it and ran with it, blowing it ridiculously out of proportion. It was very fun, and hence, cathartic. Thank you for getting back to the spirit of my original post inquiring about the nature of God. Maybe if more people had seen it, and cared to comment, it could have been quite interesting. I definitely respect your opinion (especially since I pretty much agree with it) thank you again, my intellectual comrade-in-arms (can you say "double entendre"...?) Punctuation overload...

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