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3/18/2006 6:37 am

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stand by my side

...there was a hearing scheduled regarding the he had protested the charges she made...I went to the hearing...although he had asked me to, I wanted to hear the truth...and felt I would get that in the court room. I also might ad, that knowing it would be the first time I saw her, I wanted to look very good, I had a new suit, which I had at his home, and went to dress for court, after he left. I had spent the night before with him, and had a few of my things, including this suit at his home. When I took the blouse that I was going to where from the closet, I found it slit from the arm pit, all the way to the hemline at the waist. There wasn’t much I could do about it, as I had to get there, so I wore it like that and just kept my jacket on for the duration of the day. I was so puzzled as to how this could have happened, but of course, he told me, that perhaps she had gotten into the house when he was gone, or perhaps maybe I bought it like that. I wonder what really happened to my suit, today I think I finally understand. I knew I was going to hear some very vivid things in the court room, but I never dreamed the magnitude of what would unfold before me. I also realized I was like a prop for him....he wanted me there, just to make her jealous, and squirm over who I was. There was another woman in the court room that day also...she was a woman that I knew he had a sexual relationship with. He told me, the sex with her had ended, but that they were indeed good friends. Although I tried over and over again in my head to accept this, I couldn’t. He told me, his physical relationship with her, ended when he met me, yet, despite anything we discussed, he would not allow me up until this point to meet her. She commonly had him to her place for dinner at least on a weekly basis, I was never invited, nor was I wanted. I asked at one time, if we could have her over for dinner, with us...I wanted to feel some comfort with that relationship, yet his words were, “She does not want to be your friend.” So finally, after months of being involved with him, I was going to meet, two women on this day, that indeed had a great impact on my life. First let me say meeting this older woman, was unreal, she was 20+ years older than I, reminded me of a frail little grandma of sorts. I knew upon site, that I need not be troubled by this relationship any longer, as for if he wanted to continue a physical relationship with her, that also didn't bother me any longer, I was not jealous or envious of her whatsoever anymore. I also knew at this point there was somewhat of a mother syndrome he was going through, I didn't understand it, but maybe I didn't need to. I know she had some money, but bottom line, is she was equivalent to his mother age wise, and she was definitely no ravishing beauty. Anyway, the court room drama proceeded, took the better part of the day. He exposed his x live in every way he could. He handed over emails, love letters, just you name it, he had it all, to try and say she was unstable, to in essence flip the tables on her. She had an ad on AdultFriendFinder...he brought that, and it was submitted...she was using her ad to solicit herself. She fucked anyone, who would pay her for it. It was so bizarre, there were points in time where I actually felt sorry for her, with what was being presented. I was not passing any judgement on her actions at that point, I just felt sorry for her. He had her calendar with her dates, and the amounts of money she was paid, and the screen name of the suitors. I knew one of the screen was someone who I had met was like the biggest warped story I could have ever imagined. It wasn't immediate, but a few weeks later, I wrote to the person on AdultFriendFinder, and asked them to be honest with me and tell me, if they had ever met this woman. I begged for the truth, because I needed to know. I then asked if they had indeed paid for sex with her, and yes, it was true. The guy told me he gave her more than $200 for an evening with her. I then asked if they practiced safe sex...oh my god, they didn't...and I could only assume this was her normal practice. I was furious. I was especially furious with this man, who called himself a Dom, and called himself my Dom, for not telling me...I was furious with him for being so careless. And yet here I was, in the middle of an ugly web, already understanding nothing about it had been safe. The court room drama did nothing for him, the PPO stayed in place as did the restrictions and mandates of his parole...

rm_8t2luze 48M

3/18/2006 10:04 am

Charmed from what I read so far, I have to say up to this point you must have been just horrified by all of this. I can't imagine it got worse but from what you have said it does.

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