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3/28/2006 7:21 am

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my alter ego

...don’t fear, I didn’t use the site for any other purpose, but to be able to finally put any doubts I had to rest. I also was so unsure of how I got caught up in this entire mess. Well, I created an alter ego...and it only took him three days, to begin pursuing me...for approximately two weeks, we exchanged emails, although, I knew he was beginning to think that perhaps it was I posted my friends picture, for a divert him from thinking it was me. He was charming now...but very insistent to meet. He told me he could give me everything I was looking for...he told me we were a perfect match. I knew, he had no idea who I in the days of my past...he never knew who I was. He told this alter ego of mine...that because of his recent past, he was leery of those who treated him with “inconsistency, and in a schizy way”. He also told my alter ego, that he was pleased to see that I was not who he thought I was...he also told my alter ego, that he was “a loving caring man, and was just trying to be careful, and that he was picky about who he spent time or his heart with”. So now, I was to join the ranks, of the schizy, disturbed women in his life. Oh yes, I questioned many things over the past few months...I questioned why for example his x wife, and he ever divorced. I never met her, but I heard many things about her...his answer to me, when I asked that question, was “I am sure if you asked her, she would tell you that I beat her”...and he laughed...I never met her, but I think I know today what she would tell me if I really wanted to know the truth. There were at least four to five long term relationships since his divorce...all the women, were mental in some way, according to him. All the women ironically cried or abuse. Ahh the lessons one can learn...his siblings, they are all whacked too...there are three of them, and for the most part, they have no communication between them, nor does he care to have any...and then there are his own children, one who chooses, to not have any part of him, since the day, the courts would listen. I even think back...and it would be six months into the relationship before I knew his full legal name...shame on me for being such a fool, shame of me for trusting someone, before they earned my trust. He was no Dom, he was a manipulative, abusive, disrespectful control freak, who was also a pathological liar. I don’t have the embarrassment factor in which many people confine and define their behaviors with, hens needing to lie... I tell my story, as I began this blogging venture, first of to heed a warning, there are many good people on line, but there are many players and poseurs. I was lonely, I was in a new place, wanted to meet new people, and what I met was a very hallow who would echo wisdom, but had truly never learned anything other than to play around, and play around at the expense of others. A person, who did not care what impact his actions would create on others. Secondly this has been very cathartic for me...but that is only my beginning... There were points in time, where I do think, someone could have died... I believe there will come a time, where I will hear a tragic conclusion one day, when I turn on TV6 News...and it will not surprise me, whatsoever....

rm_SpecCremFill 56M

4/1/2006 4:40 am

I'm Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with this individual. Hope that some day you will be able to not worrie bout him but at the same time its good that you keep track so he doesnt hurt you again. There is a big difference between being a Dom for some one and an all out controling abusive person be it male or female.

And I still say you have great looking leggs if you ever like to chat or even have someone to have as a sounding board for something like this just give a holler...Chuck

rm_8t2luze 47M

4/1/2006 8:07 am

Hi charmed just wanted to see how you were doing. I tried to send you a message but your profile is off. Thanks for some of your responses.

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