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3/17/2006 5:09 pm

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how it began

I moved to Marquette County in May of 2004...and began my new job. I was a little disenchanted with my life on a whole, and didn't really have anyone to share time with. I found AdultFriendFinder through Alt, where I had an ad for a time...but there was virtually no one from the UP in there, so I made the move to AdultFriendFinder...and met a guy, but there just wasn't any chemistry for me...and he was very married, and I didn't want or need that sort of I kept looking, and exchanged some emails, but nothing really came about, until I heard from this guy claiming he was a Dom, and seeking a Sub. We exchanged a few emails, and agreed to meet. We met, and although I can't say that he blew me off my feet, nor I him, I think we both sensed a real strong chemistry...hence began our relationship. We talked frequently, on the phone, and I saw him for the second time, within a week of our first meeting. (We didn't have sex, or play at all at that point). Well, one thing I asked for, was honesty...just be straight with me, and I will be fine. So he explained to me, that he had a live in girlfriend, she was submissive, and was attending school, but that their relationship for all practical purposes was over. He said they didn't do things together anymore, and just sort of lived in the same home, and had seperate lives. I was confused, by it all, but I liked him, so I kept seeing him. Obviously, we couldn't go to his home, but I had my place, so we went there...and we had just this awesome sex together. Everything was great, I was falling so deeply for this man, and I wished for things to be different. We just seemed to connect so well. He seemed to understand me, like no one ever had. Anyway, there came a time, in late July 2004, where I suddenly didn't hear from him for days, I couldn't figure it out, it made no sense, and I worried...but then he called, and he came to see me, and asked that we take long walk. He then explained where he had been. He had been in jail. He was arrested for Domestic violence, of course, he claimed he was totally innocent. He at the time had no home, as his girlfriend, was still there, and under the eviction statute of the State, she had thirty days to get out. There was a Protective Police Order on him, therefore, he couldn't even go for his belongings, without a police escort. So he sort of bunked with me, for about three weeks...and naturally we became closer. I guess at that point I was already lost in who I was to this man, because nothing was normal anymore. I wanted to believe in him, but I had my doubts. Although I had no reason to think he was abusive at this point in time. We never really had the chance to date...and now it was even worse, under his arrest, he was not allowed to leave the city for any reason, and had to be in to the police station each morning by 8 a.m. for drug and alcohol testing. Well, I stood by him, and gave my support to him, I wanted to believe in him, and I wanted to believe how he had told me this was just a lunatic that he had a massive history of bad things like this happen. He told me she suffered from a personality disorder, and just couldn't help herself. He promised he would clear his name, and make things good for us. The PPO that was on him, was something that in itself bothered him, so with his attorney, a hearing was set up to challenge the executed PPO document. I had read, or he read most of the information to me, but then he asked me to come to court for the hearing. I did, at the time thinking that was the best way to show my support, but beginning to understand deep down through the day in the Marquette Court House, my appearance was just to baffle, and intimidate this woman. I never saw that at the time, I believed she was mentally unstable, I believed everything he told me, I had no reason not to. I didn't know this woman, I only knew what he told me, what he wanted me to know.

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3/17/2006 6:18 pm

So do you have reason to believe otherwise now?

That was the first thing that came to my mind... that there was a lot more to the story.

nobloodflow2 55M

3/18/2006 3:49 am

well i can relate just oppisite, i have met several women since my sex less marriage due to surgery, but i cannot have fun because i have been a true dom for years which most women find offensive and the ones i do meet only want to PLAY a sub which we all know does not work,,,where are all the truly submissive women? not the player but the geniune true subs.......signed frustrated!!!!

rm_8t2luze 47M

3/18/2006 7:51 am

Charmed I don't blame you for not being able to come up with any advice. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I curious to read more about how this turns out. I know from some of your other response to a blog that it's not good but I'm curious how it got to that point. There are so many people out there that are just plain dumb. Some men are so insecure with themselves that they want to keep the woman they're with down. I hate men who pushes women around. People like that are a big joke in life. Take care and hope to here from you.

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