case number 117...people verses...  

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3/21/2006 4:57 am

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case number 117...people verses...

...I told the police everything...I told them that I had smoked some pot, etc...I looked like a hooker from hell, with big holes in my stockings, mascara running down both cheeks, I sat there and just sobbed uncontrollably. As I spoke with the police, my body became an evident picture of the night, bruises, just kept appearing, the more I saw, the more I cried. The police were kind, but in this day and age, no one is allowed to be too they put me in touch with the Women’s shelter. I talked with them, and agreed to meet with a counselor in the morning, however, I really didn’t need a shelter...I had my own apartment. It was hard to be alone, but I was by this time totally exhausted, I must of been at the police station for about three to four hours. Oddly enough, when I gave his and her names, the police were very attentive and very familiar with the people involved. By the next day, I was bruised, from head to arms, were completely black, from my wrists too my shoulders, even the soles of my feet had bruises...but I don’t remember getting hit, there, I just used them as my only weapon, for a period of time, kicking my attackers, in a violent rage. ...I checked my email, and sure enough, I had a message from him...well actually a couple. One said in “my haste of leaving last night, you left behind a shoe lace” the other spoke to the fact, that I knew what I was coming to his home for, and therefore he couldn’t understand why I acted as I did”. I went back to meet with the detective on the case, and the Prosecuting Attorney. I had to go in for a photographing session at the police dept, strip and have every part of me photographed for the record (they had to wait until the third day after the event, as apparently that is the high point of the bruising, all the colors are there, purple, orange, yellow, and blue). I sat for hours with the Prosecuting Attorney...and the detectives on the case...I told them everything I could. I gave them my journal, I gave them emails, I gave them everything, he had ever penned to me. I held back nothing. The reality had finally sunk in, that indeed, he had covered his tracks, and set me up. He had the contract I had written and signed, (there was a point in time, prior to this where he said he was afraid to have a dom/sub relationship with me because of everything that was pending against him, hence wanted me to pen something to him, as sort of a protect himself, I did that.), the email me to drink, and to smoke pot...everything a carefully orchestrated plan. The police gave me little to know hope. I filed PPO papers with the court, against both him and her, although I knew they were just papers, I thought it would give me some peace of mind. It took but a few days, and the judge, denied my request for the PPO’s. Apparently because there was only one documented instance, it was not enough, you must have two. I was black and blue, from head to toe, but it was not enough. A woman I worked with, brought her husband over to my apartment, they put security locks on my doors for me. I talked in depth with the detective on the case, he was wonderful to deal with, and he wanted to help me, but he said there just was not enough. The police had gone to his home after I had appeared at the station initially, however, no one was home, or so it would have appeared. After a few more days, I had another meeting with the detective, and he asked me if he could bring in yet another detective, and explained he would be leaving, on a training for period of time, and the new detective would be taking over. He wanted to make sure things didn’t fall apart. I sat with the two detectives, and went over my story again. They had finally contacted and talked with the man that I was accusing, however had been unable to locate the woman. The police told me to watch my back. I remember telling the police, although I was terrified that night, I wasn’t as terrified of him as I was her. In explaining myself to them, I told them, it was like dealing with someone in a trance. She was robotic in all her moves, she was angry and hostile at times. I remembered a television documentary I had watched on terrorism...and I remembered hearing, make yourself come alive to the terrorist...become a person. I was in that house for a long time...I was terrified, I couldn’t get away. I tried to come alive, I tried to become someone to her. I began telling her things, that I knew would register...telling her, how and when he and I met...little facts that I indeed knew she was unaware of...I could tell she was becoming confused, I wanted her to start doubting him. The police were somewhat shocked that the judge had not signed my PPO’s, but they were trying to be politically correct, with the case, and it wasn’t an easy case. The lead detective began preparing me, that as soon as the dust settled, I would hear from him again...they tried to prepare me, but I didn’t think it would ever happen after all this, and at this point. As far as I knew, he had this woman, living with him, and I was pretty sure, that I wouldn’t hear from either of them. I remember a promise by that detective, he told me it would happen, it was just going to be the timing...

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3/21/2006 5:49 am

kind of wierd. Take a hose, hook it up to their water, kick in a basement window and filler up.

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10/30/2006 11:16 am

Was all the bruising from the struggle or did they beat you?


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