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2/1/2006 5:49 am

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In our culture...women are told they must be beautiful, young and of a certain shape and size...We are to be sexy and highly we try and try to fit the mold or hold onto what we deem is a necessary asset to be considered worthy...I am guilty of this too. ..I still hear my mother's words...This is who I am and if they don't like it...too bad....I was always concerned about image...still am...I always wanted everything to be beautiful.......I have often wondered about cosmetic surgery...but never did because I love natural beauty and I fear ...becoming another manmade replica of woman...and fake...Nothing could be worse for me than fake...even though I love looking good and have a healthy ego..

Woman...powerful and beautiful because of her birthright. Will we ever learn to love ourselves as we are?..

I am not judging for I find myself desiring attractiveness as I fight the battle with you....I want to accept my natural state....I want to grow in Grace..I want to learn to be me...the best I can be...and in the original packaging.

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