Blogging - Whats it all about?  

charliecannon 72M
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9/6/2006 12:36 pm

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Blogging - Whats it all about?

Well - my first blog & I don't know where to start - perhaps a diary may be the thing?
No - they are too boring! Well then perhaps a story of everyday life in a tourist town?
No - might upset too many people!
I know - I will tell you a little about myself, you comment & we can build from there.
Firstly, I am a fairly ordinary, down to earth "Yorkshireman" trying to run a bookshop in a tourist location on the East Coast.Life in our village goes from manic in June, July & August through busy April, May, September & Christmas time to a "Ghost Village" in November, January & February.
Fortunatly, we get so many amusing incidents during the busy periods, it keeps us amused during the long Winter months.
I would like to relate some of those incidents over the next few days, but only if you think I should.
Here's a couple of quick starters:
These are conversations overheard during the last few weeks.
1) "When does the tide go out"
"About 5.30 this afternoon"
"You would think the local council would
organise the tides better so we could get on
the beach during the day"
2) "Whats on the menu for Dinner tonight"
"Menu's on the bar madam, our specials are on
"Oh lovely, is the Lamb Korma Vegetarian?"

Hope you like those, will continue in a similar vein for a day or so to see how it goes.

silverhawk762 52M/48F

9/6/2006 12:55 pm

People get so strange when they're on vacation, don't they? Have fun with the blogs... {=}

Hydragenias 57F

9/6/2006 3:27 pm

A blog can be whatever you want it to be!

Welcome to Blogaritaville!

please click here: [post 485524]

CallMeGiGi 61F

2/2/2007 4:56 am

Hi Charlie, I've really enjoyed reading your blogs. You sound like a very interesting person. Shame we don't live closer as I'd love to look round your bookshop and talk to you in person. When I was in secondary school I was the youngest head school librarian ever and helped to get it up and running again when it had become very neglected. My headmaster thought I should pursue a career as a librarian but because of circumstances outside my control my life went in a very different direction and I was a professional farmworker for 20 yrs+ and have had a variety of jobs since. However, I still have a love and respect for books!
Love to chat sometime G x

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