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1/14/2006 9:51 am

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Last night/This morning

Last night I decided to pull out my box of naughtiness and see what it had to hold. I started to model lingerie for my husband while he surfed the Internet. The first outfit I came out in was a black lace corset, then a red teddy, then a brown lace teddy, a red body suit and then back to the red teddy. He was definitely enjoying the show.

We moved into the bedroom where I began kissing him and giving him a lap dance. I could feel his cock getting hard against his thigh. I slipped out of the teddy and bent over in front of him slipping his cock out of his pants and took him into my mouth. The salty taste of precum slid across my tongue. With his cock hard, sliding in and out of my mouth, my hand cradling his balls I took him deep. Squeezing my lips tight around the shaft of his cock. Once in a while I would graze my teeth lightly and then bite down on his cock when he urged me too. I thought he would cum right then...

He pushed me away, stood up behind me, ripped my panties off of my ass and then down my legs onto the floor. He tossed me back on the bed throwing my legs over his shoulders and then rammed his cock deep inside me in one fast hard motion. I literally screamed out in ecstasy! I love it when he is rough with me. I bucked against him hard my pussy grabbing his dick begging him to fuck me harder and faster. My pussy was so wet, my juices were running down my legs, up onto his stomach my finger slid around the base of his shaft while I teased my clit with my thumb. OH FUCK I was gonna climax right then.

He asked permission to release and with that I urged him to cum for me. He leaned forward with his face buried in my chest and shouted and came inside me. I begged him to lay there with his cock inside me until he became soft. He obliged as I knew that he would. With that his cock slowly slipped out of my pussy and my muscles gave one last squeeze. MmmMMMM! I love fucking my husband.

This morning when my husband kissed me good bye I was reminded of the sex we had last night. I lay in bed daydreaming about it. I slipped my hand into my panties and masturbated thinking about how hot it would be to watch him fuck another woman like he fucked me last night. I came so quick. Thinking about it now makes me want to do it again...!

Bye for now!

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