The 5 Roses  

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The 5 Roses

You get home from a hard day at work . As you approach the front door there is a note taped to it.
The note States,
"I have not truly told you how much I love you, or where these feelings are coming from, so today I will with the 5 Roses."
You enter inside in the living room. On the coffee table you see

1.The White Rose with a note. " this Rose represent our friendship, we were friends before we were lovers, and it was that friendship that drew us close. To be my best friend in life is what gets me up in the morning, make me smile when I am coming home, and helps me through my bad times."

you walk toward the kitachen wondering what is next. Looking around to find---

2.The Pink Rose, with a note. "This is a one way Rose. It stands for the Love I have for you, and then it stands for the love you have for me. Not sure of one and another feelings yet. Excited to touch your soul.

next youwalk down the hallway Taped on the bedroom door is a note with the very next rose.

3.The Yellow Rose. The note say "This is the rose of fear, the fear I had when I first asked you out, the fear I had when I went in for that very first kiss, The fear when I met your parents for the very first time. It was that fear that actaully helped me because by having that fear it kept me grounded. With fear I was not cocky, I was not self aborbed. And I used that fear to love you everyday. The same fear that this is only a dream and soon someday I will wake up.

Now you look around holding 3 Roses in your hand And in your other are the notes that have touched your heart. You walk in the Room and on the bed is the 4th Rose.

4.The Red Rose. and Note. " Now this Rose is like the pink but this time our love have crossed. It is my love for you and your love for me coming togther for the first time. creating a bond stronger then any metal on this planet. A unbreakable bond that will last beyond this lifetime. My soulmate my partner. This Rose is the stregnth of our love.

WOW! You think to yourself as you sit and wonder Where would the 5th Rose be. And what color will it be. Maybe Blue you like blue. Or even Purple but what would purple represent. You search the house over and over looking for that 5th Rose. But you find nothing. You go back to the bedroom laying on the bed rereading the notes wondering where could that last rose be. Then you hear music playing in the living room. First you think Strange, but then you realize it must be me. You run out and look around and there I am holding something behind my back. I walk up to you and smile.
You ask is there another note and I say "no" I will say the last of this adventure.

"When you take all of the roses and put them togther, White for friendship, pink for love, yellow for fear, and red for the bond. When you mix all the emmotions all the colors togther there is only one color left."

5. The Black Silk Rose. "people say that black represnet death, but it goes beyond that. It represent A death inorder to start something new. this Rose is made of silk so the Rose itself will not die, and we we pass on betond this world we will pass this Rose on to our kids they will be the new beginning keeping our love alive with this Rose. And they wiil pass the Rose on to their children. Now since black represent death then something must die. Our Relationship where it stands will die today. Me calling you my Gilrfriend will Die today. In order for something new to happen and that is me calling you My wife."

I get on my knees Pull out a box, look you in the eyes and say. "WILL YOU MARRY ME."

You look down at me with a smile and say----------------------------?

The 5 ROSES.

apleasure2touch 51F

1/29/2006 10:33 pm

That was very very very nice.

It needs to be cleaned up (spelling and grammar errors) but it's still beautiful.

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