Hey everyone. I did an experiment, and here is my results.  

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2/20/2006 12:45 pm

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Hey everyone. I did an experiment, and here is my results.

Hey Ladies I did an experiment here is my results
Okay for a while now I have been very confused, and whats the most confusing subject on this planet well thats simple women!

Now here is what my experiment was about. See I wanted to see what happnes when I go back to my old ways instead of being caring romantic To go out and be a player to see what a woman really want.
See all you women say how you want a nice guy, A guy that would treat them great, caring romantic charming, and faithful, But I always see the oppisite.

See I started to think maybe I was just ugly or just too old, or just not buff enough for some of these women, boy was I wrong.

The results of my experiment.

2 weeks friday night I prerp myself remembering that i need to be my old self like when i lived in Michigan a player an asshole who would lie in order to hook up.
I step into the first club checkin out the scene I get there early so I can see who is single before guys starts stalking their prey.
Lets just say I felt like in my prime I ended up with 4 numbers that night and 2 of them were 21 yr old hot girls. I used old lines made up some new ones. I had a full dance card had women feeling me up on the dance floor. I left the club and threw away the numbers. Srry if a woman is dumb enough to fall for those lines and cockiness not the type i want. now i also hooked up with an bad ass sista this black woman was smoking and truth be told she was the hardest to reisit "YES YES! to all my friends i love sistas also color does not matter its personailty.
Saturday night I decided to do something totally different Saw I called up my boy and I went out thugish. Straight ghetto since my boy is ghetto And boy let me tell you that night was crazy. We got in there He let me borrow some of his clothes since I only dress up never this way. We talked like from the hood, "Man Its been awhile since i acted like this. Did not know if i could pull it off." Women was all over us. I used the term Nigga Bitches so much that night and all it did was turn these women on even more. Some of these women was so fine I was almost ready to move back in the hood and go back to that life. "Who am i kidding I am no thug."
Now my boy wanted to push the experiment some more, and see what happens when we hit on women already taken. So we watched for some of the hottest women with guys and as they went to the bathroom we followed and on their way out we went in. Lets just say we both did it to 8 women a piece now out of 8, 5 was into us and 3 totally dissed us. Now out of the 5 2 of them would not go too far they just wanted to dance with a brotha that can move but made it clear they would never cheat, but would come back without their man only to dance. the other 3 well lets just say I could have snuck out with any one of them had sex with them in the parking lot came back and their man would never noticed why cause Even though these women was fine hot and sexy their maen was busy checkin out other women.
This week Friday. I needed to do something different to help prove my experiment. so its time to play double agent start off as a layer and finish up as a nice guy. Now as i enter I noticed at the bar a woman sitting by herself looking like an angel a goddess I could not take my eyes off of her. I approach her and pulled out every line and I get dissed and she walks away. Now I am a method actor and i remember how much i enjoyed the chase so i followed we talked some more and still i get dissed. So i ended with "I think you are afraid to give me one dance, your afraid you will like it too much." I leave. This story is not over by far. I continue my experiment I get 4 numbers I dance with about 7 women and then guess who appraoch me. The goddess she walks up and say. "You have 1 chance to impress me." I wanted to just be putty in her hands but i had to remember this is an experiment. So I say "No You have 1 chance to impress me on the dacne floor." We dance nd i put on some of my best dancing moves and i swear i felt wetness on her LMAO. After we dance she would not leave my side. One of the girls who i danced appaorached me to dance and WOW! the claws comes out. The goddess grabs me hugs me and kiss my neck and told the woman I was taken for the rest of the night. Now I thought screw the experiment but no its not about loks. so its time for the double agent thing. Now this woman is all over me. we sit down and talk she tells me how she is looking for a sweet guy a caring guy, how she is so tired of cheats and liars, how she needs a man that would treat her great. so now its time I go to my romantic nice guy, and tel her pretty much the same, wishing that maybe she was real. Now one of the girls came and asked me to dance I looked at my goddess she just smiled and said she will be right here waiting. Now when I got back i asked for her number and "HIT THE BRAKES" she tells me she was sorry that she is not looking to date or anything and that tonite was fun but she had to go. Now I know this is just an experiment but my heart sunk, thinking maybe i should have stayed a player. Now it happen all night now i got romantic but not soft, i was still confident just not cocky. All the women swore they wanted a caring sweet romantic guy but once they sqw i was that guy They ran made excuses 1 even asked for her number back OUCH!.
This saturday I had to work the club i actaully worked for but hey i can still do some here. A really hot blonde showed up with a girl i knew. now get this i ask her to dance she told me she was tired and that she did not like that song, so i went to the bar talked to the bartender she asked me about my experiment when i turned around look there go the blonde dancing to the song she did not like, Granted it was with her girlfriend not a guy. So its time to play I reappoarch herthis time cocky player and i told her that the next dance will be mine and guess what she came up and grabed me to dance. Now this being my club I could not do this to much but i did a few times with some new women and once again as a player cocky guy i got game, now i get hit on at this club being the host but man this was weird.

So There you go. Now as I read these women profiles who say they are looking for a great guy an caring guy, who say they are open minded laid back, Women who say they miss a romantic man, looking for a man to settle with is it true or just a game.

Now as far as the game is concern it is all a game a big game but women you should realized you are always better at it then us. the score women 21 guys 7 you get dressed up sexy and just walk in the club alone you already scored a touchdown. No need to try.

The battle of the sexes is the biggest and longest war ever on this planet, and its a war that will contiune until either 1 one of the sexes become exstinct or the whole human race is wiped out.
It does not matter if you are kind, caring, romantic, loyal, and kind. Or if you are cocky, arrogant, a liar, or a player. man or woman its a game a war. that is instinctive. All that matter is how you play the game.

Good luck everyone. and to my female friends that read all of this good luck and i hope it makes you think be truthful if you want quality, do not say you want a warm man if you only go after the cold hearted.

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5/9/2006 10:44 am

As a women, you sure want a kind, caring, romantic and loyal guy. We need many downloads to be happy. If you have a man who donates his downloads to other women. What is left????? I want all the downloads, after that, I want some more guys and downloads. But I need to like the guys. Some guys start out well, but than become turn offs. Is it clear to you know? We want one man for us and some more downloads from other guys.

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

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