chantilly20002 49F
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8/30/2005 11:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


There is nothing more sensational then to be kissed and sucked on from head to toe! i love the touch of a man all over my body....kissing my breasts and nipples and down my stomach to my mound and in-between my thighs...and down to my knees and too my red painted toes...i love the sensuality of a full-body massage...i love to have a man rub me down with body oils and knead my brown skin under his skilled fingers...and talk to me about anything sensual and stimulating with a glass of red-wine and cheese and crackers and grapes that he gently puts into my inviting mouth....a little giggle of delight escaping from my mouth and all the while he is naked and i see and feel his member rising with anticipation...he loves the feel of my skin and the smell of "me", mixed with the body oils. He loves kissing my soft full lips and desires to look me in the eyes with each stroke....mesmerized by my gaze....touching my erect nipples and pinching them ever so slightly...sending shivers down to my toes....of anticipation for whats too come after this wonderful connection of heart and soul...i love the touch of a true complete lover...whew!...i may write more later....getting pretty turned on....yeahhhh......! i will write more later...stay tuned...his massage is next........peace!...Chantilly

FriendlyTickler 46M

8/30/2005 1:55 pm

That was a good start, don't know that I should elaborate on what that brief little insight started to do to me.....wow.

BlackSpankerMan 58M
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8/30/2005 4:30 pm

I have often said the mind is a powerful sex organ...what you are doing to mine at this moment is pure pleasure...A connection was made and the visualization of your story was arousing to say the least...Love your class...When you going to show me the badgirl!!!

john12349877 50M

8/31/2005 12:06 pm

i have always stimulated the mind as well as the body when making love it makes it alot better ps i love bbws i would love to lick u from head to toes and everywhere in between

chantilly20002 49F

8/31/2005 4:09 pm

hello all you fine gentlemen thank you so much for youre compliments...Chantilly

rm_dakotas426 33M

8/31/2005 9:03 pm

you lokk sexy in your pictures and i was wondering where are you from

sherclin 50M/48F
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9/1/2005 9:35 pm

HOT, Chantilly! As i type this, hubby is sitting behind me, sliding his hands over my back & the massage oil is only a few steps away.
i'm looking forward to reading about his massage.


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