Books by their cover: A rambling in men, women, and couples  

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2/23/2006 5:15 am

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Books by their cover: A rambling in men, women, and couples

NOTE: voice, perspective, case, and pronoun will change in all kind of strange ways throughout this blog as it is a blog for a couple. So sometimes we write, sometimes I write, sometime he writes, and sometime she writes. So just bear with it and welcome to the postmodern age!

So, first post to this and yes it is 7 AM! Anyway, a brief introduction is probably in order - first we are a couple who's age difference is large, the whole "he could be your Dad or she could be your daughter" comes up often but never to our face. We have developed a standard joke reply (and as always there is truth in humor) which if asked of him --"why are you seeing her"-- is "are you kidding? Of course I am seeing her she is brilliant and funny as hell". And if asked of her is "Sex. I am seeing him because the sex is fucking amazing and vice-a-versa"

What makes this funny is that he is brilliant - Ivy league education, etc.. (and so is she) and she is 5'10" with a Victoria Secret's models body. What would be the standard thought of he is seeing her for sex and she is seeing him because he is smart or rich does not apply here. Although he is smart (not rich -yet) and she is young and sexy the intial thoughts about us does not apply.

So, how many people out there are not like they seem? Mild manner looking but absolutely freaking behind a close door. Or the average looking guy with the big dick and is the amazing lover? Or the beautiful and sexy girl who is tougher and smarter than anyone else in the room?

Also more importantly how do you figure out the content of the book if not by the cover? Who has time to read all those books? What is the cheat sheet to the table of contents or maybe the index? So many questions! Answers to come late - I hope.

Enough for now.

campfirecozy 68M

2/23/2006 5:56 am

I think I found the "Book by its Cover - Guide for Dummies" was nothing but blank pages, and the paper quality felt like tissues.

go figure,

wellagedmale 64M
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4/2/2006 9:58 pm

Well isn't that what we call LIFE....some people judge just by looks and connect that way some by heart and some when things are so right they conect with their souls...I am not going to say that as you get older or mature (which has nothing to do with age I am living proof you can be older but maybe not mature.>LOL< anyway as you mature you find,, you are lucky you find yourself...and when that happens all is well with the world and you start to understand the balding older guy just might know more (wait that ain't right) may know different things then you...which makes him very complimantary (is that a word) with to halves of a whole..

I do believe it's a unigue doesn't have to be two halves...different or two halves alike...look at you and the old fart...and I can say that I am 52...and you seem to have done it...CLICKED

I have seen the age gap work both ways younger men with older women and vise versa...but it doesn't really seem to meld with any one type or thought..think, don't you know people that are perfect together...some that, like the same things, others that, like totaly different things...some couples one is wild and the other shy, some they are both shy and some, both goes back to knowing yourself and what you really want and finding that person and ryme or reason it just is and when it happens it's beautiful... I am truly happy for you two and a tad jelous in a good way...not gona show up at your door with an ax...not the first time anyway..LOL.....well that was my $25.37 worth of jiberish...


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