Lonely Nights!  

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7/12/2006 5:34 am

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Lonely Nights!

Laying awake in bed nothing but silence wishing i could hear even the slightess sound of his breathing or his snores, wishing I could turn over and lay my arms on his chest! But it's just my wild imagination running off leading me to fanstasy island again. I choose to be a single person and I do enjoy it. But it's the lonely nights you wish you had someone laying next to you, someone i would wake up with my tongue licking the head of his dick, or sucking on him gently. it's the lonely nights, where I'd wish I could just feel his hands carassing my inner thighs, his fingers moving towards the lips of my pussy, his fingers gently massaging my clit, his intentions of making my sweet juices flow.

I lay in bed and my mind wonders off as my eyes shut tight i picture everything my mind fantasizes. but it's not his fingers on my clit, it's mine. my legs spread far apart you'd be able to see the entrance of my pussy. my fingers gently massaging my clit, while another sliding inside in and out. i rub on it so very slowly, my other hand squeezing on my nipples, rubbing them in circles. my back arches as i feel the first stages of extasy. my body tingles, tiny shocks running throughtout my entire body. i brace myself on my elbows, my legs still spread apart, wanting to feel the stiffness of a cock deep inside of me. i begin to rub my clit faster and faster. harder and harder...moving my fingers in circluar motions, up and down. my legs begin to shake. my head back on the pillow, as the arch of my back is as high as it will go. my breathing becomes heavier, my moaning become louder. the palm of my hand on my clit just working it as hard as i could, giving it a few slaps. i can feel myself about to explode, i squeeze on my nipples as hard as i can just waiting in anticipation for the feeling the great feeling of extasy. there it is, my cum just flowing out of my pussy, with my fingers i touch it and rub it all over tasting licking my fingers as if i were praising them for a job well done. my heart feeling as if it would beat out of my chest, my knees still weak i lay there thinking i am still alone....but ohhh how good it felt to bring myself to the intensity of climaxation......good night [/SIZE

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