The One  

chained_sinner 47M
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6/17/2006 8:10 pm
The One

Who is The One for this slave? What Mistress would win this slave’s heart and eternal devotion?
She would be many things, both as a Mistress and as a partner. There would be vanilla time, moments of being nothing more than a happy couple, but She could turn to Her role as Mistress without so much as a warning and know that I would obey. She would never allow me intercourse, even at Her most loving, tender moments. The mere thought of it would amuse Her and She would take great pleasure in reminding me that She will only submit to black men, because only they can fill her to satisfaction. She would understand that humiliating me, publicly or privately, even to the point of tears, will only make me worship her that much more. She would find nothing more amusing or pleasurable than degrading this slave, especially in the presence of her lovers and friends. My Mistress would know how rewarding I would find it to lick the sweet sweat and grime from her feet. She would know how much I enjoy licking her pussy, whether its just for her pleasure or to prepare her for a lover. She would expect me to be grateful for being permitted to lick and smell her asshole and for being allowed to service her lover’s in the same way. There would be nights when she would leave me alone with her soiled panties stuffed in my mouth and a butt plug deep inside me, as she left on a date with her black lovers. If I were still in that position when she returned, she would allow me the honor of cleaning her pussy and ass with my tongue. She may even tease me further by telling me all that she had done. However, most nights, she would force me to be present. Forcing me to watch her submit to her superior black lovers would be an addiction for her. She would subject me to humiliation in many ways, including forced sissification, being forced to service her lover as she makes love to him, cleaning them as they lay together in sated bliss, and comparing my chastised member to her lovers. Perhaps on nights when we were alone, my Mistress would enjoy dominating me with a strap-on device of her choosing. She would flirt with prospective lovers in public and the redder my face grew with humiliation, the more she would enjoy it. She would train me to serve as a urinal for her lovers, as well as a full toilet for herself, believing it to be the least I can do for being granted the honor of her enslavement. She would know that there is nothing she could ask of me, no matter how degrading, that I wouldn’t do, either for her pleasure or amusement.
My Mistress would expect more from me than do most women in “vanilla” relationships. She would expect me to remember the little things, to always show my love for her, and to always make sure she feels like the Goddess I profess her to be. She will love me for my devotion to her and strive to always make me feel proud to be her slave. Communication will be important to her, as well as the time w/we spend together as one.

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