One Of My Fantasies  

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6/17/2006 8:09 pm
One Of My Fantasies

As I walk into the room, I hear my Mistress talking on the phone with one of Her girlfriends. She is making plans for that night. I’m not sure what Her plans are exactly, but She does raise Her voice a bit when She makes comments about how much She enjoys Her black lovers and how much bigger they are. When She sees me standing there, She looks at me and points to Her feet. Knowing exactly what She wants, I kneel before Her, remove Her cotton socks, and begin licking and sucking the sweat from the bottoms of Her feet and from between Her toes. Suddenly, my Mistress laughs aloud and replies to Her friend: “Oh him? The little dicked sissy is on the floor cleaning my feet.”
Once the phone call has ended, She uses my face to dry Her feet and signals that She wants my attention. “We’re having a small party tonight. Susan is coming over tonight, as well as a few of my black lovers. I expect you to behave like a proper sissy and do whatever you’re told. “
“Yes, Mistress,” I reply.
“You’ll help me clean up and dress in just a few moments. After that, I expect you to do your little transformation.”
I knew what She meant. She wanted me to “become” Heather, dressing in whatever slutty outfit She chose for me, as well as wearing make-up, and my wig. “Of course, Mistress.”
“But first,” She added, with a smirk. “I need to relieve myself.”
I knew better than to waste time with a reply. I followed Her to the toilet box and assumed my position. She’d trained me well, so I knew exactly what to do. As I lay with my head trapped inside the plexiglass cubicle, I reached up to lick Her anus. I felt my face grow wet with Her golden nectar, as Her anus kissed my tongue. After all this time, She still enjoyed releasing Her gas on my tongue. It didn’t take long before She was filling my mouth and I obediently swallowed as quickly as I could. She waited for me to finish, as always. I promptly used my tongue to wash Her like a proper commode.
After cleaning myself up, I began preparing my Mistress for the night ahead. I chose an outfit for Her that was certain to have Her lovers drooling. Satiny purple bra and panties with matching stockings and garter, a tight fitting dress with a hemline that threatened to expose Her anytime She sat down, and high heels. Before She dressed, I shaved Her pussy, bathed Her, and rubbed lotion on the areas wHere She’d been shaved.
“Go get ready, Heather,” She said to me.
My humiliation was just beginning. This would be the first time another woman would see just how much my Mistress enjoyed degrading me. It didn’t really matter, since my Mistress made sure everyone we knew understood my position. After they all arrived, I dutifully served drinks, while our guests made themselves comfortable. I could feel the pain as my cock tried to grow hard in its cock cage at the sight of my Mistress sitting on Her lover’s lap, kissing him passionately. At this point, She released me from my cock cage, so She could compare me to Her lovers. This caused both women and all four men to laugh heartily. From this point on, they all began enjoying themselves and each other, as I was forced to watch and provide every imaginable oral service. My Mistress enjoyed forcing me to suck Her lover’s balls or lick his ass, as She rode him. Both women enjoyed having me clean up their pussies and anuses, anytime one of the men withdrew. Anytime I was forced to clean the cum from one of Her lovers’ cocks, my Mistress didn’t miss the opportunity to make additional comments about my own size. When Susan asked where the bathroom was, my Mistress simply pointed at me and laughed. From that point on, my mouth was used as a urinal by all six of them. The evening went on like this for hours and it seemed my humiliation was just as important as everyone else’s pleasure.
When the party came to a close and all of Her guests had gone, my Mistress smiled at me and kissed my forehead. “You performed very well tonight, my pet.”
“Thank you, Mistress.”
“So well, in fact, that I’ll give you a choice as to your reward. Would you like to worship my pussy or my ass?”
This was the first time I’d hesitated all day and She seemed to know why.
“I think I know what you want, slave. You want both, don’t you?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Very well. First my ass. It feels so sweaty and in need of your tongue.” As She lowered Herself upon me, She released one final burst of gas. “Mmmmm, you know your place, slave.”

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