Ride on him  

celia_forever 33F
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11/14/2005 7:33 pm

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5/10/2006 10:50 pm

Ride on him

Do you even like to ride on a guy and put his dick into the pussy?

It's fantastic! you can imaginate a big dick put into your pussy and you can move your waist to control the movement, and let the guy to play your breast...

It's one of the sex posiitons I like..
and u?

rm_curious_cal 42M/42F
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11/14/2005 11:35 pm

Yes this position is a very interesting one...
Plus you can look at your partner right in the eye, and that is espcially hot when you see him/her cumming...
Another interesting thing is that you can switch kickly from the girl riding straight up, to her laying down on you where both mouth are closer and can engage in furious tongue kissing. On top of that and if the girl is into it there is also easy access for some anal stimulation since the guy has both hands free...

Plano69 55M

11/15/2005 12:44 am

I love it when a babe rides me like that...

6pkgmn9 68M  
239 posts
11/15/2005 8:29 am

Girl on top..you bet!! Probably one of my favorites Love to have you on top..holding my cock and guding me into your little wet pussy You can control the length of stroke....short or long..fast/slow..lean forward or back...facing me or other way around..can watch my cock disappear into you pussy and play with you at same time..tits, clit or ass..also you can lean forward little bit and also watch as I slide in and out of you

Polo32577 40M

11/15/2005 1:07 pm

i love it when she is on top it turns me on even more

needalotoflics 43M
112 posts
11/15/2005 4:35 pm

Well I really enjoy being riden like a horse I love when a woman squats on my cock like a frog and I bang her tight wet gusher hard especialy when she is faceing away from me and I can finger her scrumchas asshole just to hear her scream and moan in plesure I love It ! WOW I would love to get into you CELIA FOREVER I know your pink little cock eater would taste and feel VEARY DAMN GOOOOOOOOOOD

hardtoland 30M
51 posts
11/15/2005 11:33 pm

I love it when a girl rides me like that. I can run my hands through her soft long hair, down her neck, squeeze her breasts, and then I stick two or three fingers into her pussy and bend them toward me, message her G-Spot, and then she sucks her juice off of my cock and gets a little something in return


Cold shower

BROC817 45M

11/16/2005 6:04 pm

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Thunder_manXXX69 37M
3 posts
5/6/2006 4:19 pm

i like to be rided, but the best position for me is doggy........

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