My wife fucked by her boss  

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My wife fucked by her boss

My favorite sexual experience is what used to be my favorite fantasy.
I always got really turned on by the idea that my wife was being fucked by another man while I was wachting. We talked about this before and Karin was turned on by the idea as well but we never found the right man or occasion.
She is working in an art-galery and her boss really has the hots for her which she doesn’t mind at all. She told me for instance that he has a very big cock which on occasion she had already seen and held in her hand. After work they often go for a drink and there’s always a lot of sexual tension. I’m not jealous because she always tells me what happens and would never do something I wouldn’t like.
A few weeks ago she and her boss had finished a new show at the gallery and they called me to have a drink and something to eat in a restaurant.
In the bar we got already somewhat turned on by showing Geert (my wife’s boss’ name)some nude pictures on our cellphones. We were each sitting on a side of Karin and as usual she wasn’t wearing panties. Geert got a little drunk and started feeling under her skirt. I was kneeding her buttocks. When Geert reached Karin’s pussy, she spread her legs and turned a little bit red in her face. By the way she looked at me, I could see she was getting very horny. We began to get noticed so we decided to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant first.
We took a table at quiet part of the restaurant where we couldn’t be seen. When we were about halfway our meal (more wine and dirty talk) Geert slipped under the table between Karin’s legs. I lifted the tablecloth and saw him licking her and he had put two fingers in her shaved pussy. I put a reasuring hand on his head and looked around if nobody could see what was happening but there were hardly people left and they were sitting on the other side. Karin was panting heavily and I heard smacking sounds from under the table and got really turned on by the whole situation.
After some time Geert came with a triumphant smile from under the table and put his wet fingers in my mouth. I could taste the juices from her pussy and I felt with my hand between her legs she was now veeery wet.
I was thinking what to do next because I shivered with exitement by the thought that Karin would get fucked by Geert but I needn’t worry because she said#x201D; Geert are you coming with us for another drink at home?” She didn’t consult me, din’t look at me and it was clearly her plan to take this further. We walked home quietly.
When we got there,I started to pour some drinks but Karin and Geert walked strait to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and Geert started to undress her. He grabed her brests and kissed her on the mouth. Kissing she opened his pants and pulled out his hard throbbing cock. I have to admit it is one of the biggest I have ever seen.
Finally she looked at me and said what I had often fantasized about#x201D; Geert Is going to fuck me and you have to watch” Geert seemed to hesitate but Karin said#x201D; It turns him on”. That’s all he needed.
He turned her round, grabbed her by the hips and thrust his big dick in her pussy.
I had my camera ready and filmed the whole scene from here. I often wondered if I wouldn’t be jealous when I actually saw her fuck with another man but in reality it was an even bigger turn-on than had imagined.
When he fucked her some time from behind her turned her round again and laid on top of her. She took his cock, grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way to his balls in her cunt,. Everytime his cock went in hard and deep she moaned. Faster they went and she started gasping for air. I saw he was going to come because he lifted his ass and they both shouted when with a few hard thrusts he shot his load deep in my wife’s pussy.

I got undressed too , laid beside them, we drank some wine and got in the mood again. Karin doesn’t have enough of sex quickly, so before we knew it we were sucking and licking again.( see pic’s of Karin with two cocks)
At one moment I was licking Karin’s pussy when Geert took her again from behind. I had a beautyfull view how his big dick slid between her swollen lips. Then her took her in the ass and I fucked her pussy. Her face twisted with lust when she felt the two cocks come in her.
I’ve made an album from this evening what you can see if you invite us to your network.
We can’t invite being standard members.

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The story turn me on!

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this experience looks extremely fun! it is so hot!

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